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Immortality….. Mankind has been searching for it for thousands of years. Yet, as far as is known publicly, no one has ever found it.

But, like most things people think they “know” today, they would be wrong about this too. There are a small number who have, down through the ages, discovered this secret. However, when you think about it, would you REALLY want to share this knowledge with just anyone? Would you want it known that YOU were an immortal? I think not.

There have been stories down through history of immortals. Even the Bible hinted that one of the Apostles might become immortal, and there is a rumor that the soldier whose spear was used to pieced the side of Jesus became immortal and still wanders the earth today. But is such a thing even possible?

Science will tell you that the human body should be able to last over a thousand years. But it usually doesn’t. How many people do you know who are that old?

There are also stories that some of the monks in Tibet live to be 400 years old or more. Can this be true, or are they just telling stories to get attention? What I am going to reveal in my latest podcast is the surprising information that immortality is true, there are a few immortals walking among us today totally unnoticed, and that you can join their ranks if you really want to.

It is not a hard or easy process, and there are several ways to attain this goal. I cover 3 methods to attain this and another method that will prolong your life for a much shorter period.

People disregard the records in the Bible that say the patriarchs lived very long lives, but most are not aware that Egyptian king records show incredible lifespans and the lifespans get longer the further back you go.

So, find out what the Pharoah’s and high priests of ancient Egypt knew. In fact, one of their practices is so simple that anyone can do it with a little discipline and once you overcome the fear factor.

You can listen to this exciting podcast in our Mind Mechanix series by going to our program page at Talkshoe, where you can either listen to it right there or download it to your device for later playing.

In closing, like Spock, I not only send you Thanksgiving greetings, but I wish for you to “live long and prosper.”

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What the Death Threat on David Wilcock Reveals

Below is a revised text of an email I just sent to a friend.  I believe it’s contents are important to share:

Just got done listening to this interview.  There is more to this than meets the eye on the surface that most people will not pick up on.  I’m not sure you will believe this, but here is my observation:

Interview is here:

There were one or two clues that this “anonymous” “guy” was far more than what he appears to be.  For example, he mentioned a “time delay” in sending and receiving of the questions and answers.  There is no place on this planet where such a time lag would occur, as the speed of light carries signals back and forth so fast that any delay is not detectable to the human ear.

In order to have such a “time delay,” he would therefore be located somewhere off this planet.  He also used certain code phrases, and I guess I will have to listen to portions of what he said again because I couldn’t understand some of what he said as I was listening from the kitchen while making breakfast as I usually do with a lot of Kerry’s stuff as usually it is not important to hear every word clearly, but I think some of this is very important.

He may be aboard a spaceship or even on the moon, but he is definitely not on this planet.  However, the clues he leaves are very important.  You will also recall that he said “one of my associates will visit you in about 7 day’s time and you will have to tell him the truth about your situation.”

So, wherever he and his associates are is far enough away that it may take up to a week to get here.

You will also note that he referred to the Illuminati as “dogs” who they send to “fetch the newspaper.”

He also said that what is about to happen has been at least several hundred years in the planning stage.  He also talked about our great human potential.

Putting all of the pieces together, I think we may have been listening to an “angel,” or, to put it into more modern terms, one of the “good Annunaki” who are totally opposed to the renegade group in control of this planet, and that “their days are numbered.”

The Annunaki are divided into 2 main factions, with the “bad guys” being about 1/3rd of them and the “good guys” being about 2/3rds.  The “good guys” are mostly not on this planet at the moment, but are back home on Nibiru, and they appear to only have access to this planet when Nibiru gets close enough to us, which is a long involved story.

For a fascinating discussion on these subjects, including “the nature of angels,” see the 3 chapters of my unfinished book, The Secret Mysteries of the Ages.  Please bear in mind that this was written 6 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then, so I no longer agree with all of it.  But there is enough truth there that reveals a lot about what is going on here below:

There is no doubt in my mind that Nibiru is now very close, and that soon it will be “within range” for the vast majority to be able to come here.  There is also a contingent of the “holy watchers” who are stationed offsorld but fairly close by who are the eyes and ears for “the good guys.”  The “guy” on Kerry’s radio show is probably one of these.

The bad guys are literally scared to death of “HIM,” or the one the Book of Enoch calls the God of gods, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.  Even the mention of HIS name sends them scurrying like the cockroaches they are.

I am not trying to say anything “religious” here, because when you strip away all the BS, you are left with some very astounding things.

But, in any event, the “war in heaven” is now reaching down to our planet, the Illuminati are about to be flushed down the toilet by the “God of Armies,” which some modern translations refer to HIM as.  You notice that he also said that “within 20 years we will have a golden age that is unimaginable.”  This is what they propose to do when they come here and take over this planet from the bad guys.

Also, I believe that our ascension is the next item on the list, and I believe that sun gazing is the quickest way to accomplish this that there is.  The results in my own life have been astonishing so far, and I really miss it when I can’t sun gaze for days at a time because of the rotten weather here during this time of year.  But sun gazing ignites the necessary changes in our DNA to enable us to evolve to a much higher state of being, and this is something that the Illuminati have struggled for thousands of years to suppress.

Since we are a genetically engineered species, there are certain “keys” that have been hard wired into our DNA that are only released when the appropriate trigger is introduced.  The fastest and strongest of these triggers is sungazing.

This is one reason I think that you must begin sun gazing gradually as HRM recommends, because if you tried to do it too fast, you might “overload” your system.  However, slow, steadily increasing exposure is what is needed to trigger the DNA that is hidden in our genetic code, after which we will begin the evolution process so that we will eventually become a god, which is about the closest term I can use that is understandable.

I have reached the conclusion that what is going on with my feet is the expulsion of massive amounts of pent up poisons in my body, and that this is actually a good thing, as this vile stuff needs to be expelled from my body for more healing to take place.

Well, that’s enough for now, it was nice talking to you last night.

Take care,



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Sungazing Obstacles

Well, folks, it’s that time of year when many in the northern hemisphere encounter sungazing snags and problems, as the weather winds down towards winter time.

Even though Costa Rica is in the tropics, the months or October and November are the two worst months of the rainy season, and for several days this week there hasn’t really been any time to properly gaze at the sun for the time I need, which is 13+ minutes now.

And I am feeling the effects of not getting a proper does of sunlight as I have grown used to.

That’s why I thought I would share with you some of the things I am doing to combat this problem. Please remember that these are deviations from HRM’s normal prescription, so use these techniques with care and if you don’t feel right, just don’t do it and wait until the sun returns during the safety times that HRM has given.

Two days ago, I had to resort to looking at the sun’s reflection in a bowl of water, as HRM suggests when you can’t get the sun during the safety times, but most of this week has been partly or mostly cloudy conditions, so there has been no time during the day for the last two days when it has been shining long enough for me to do a proper session.

So, what I have done is earlier today I looked at the sun through the clouds even though it was higher in the sky than normal because it was around 10 AM. For a lot of that period, it was even pretty bright through the clouds and I did get some energy that way today, although not my usual dose.

Another morning I was able to gaze at it, but the clouds were moving back and forth over it, so I extended my sungazing period to compensate.

These are just some of the things I have done, because the positive effects of my sungazing have become so pronounced that I really don’t want to be without it.

There are some who claim that they sungaze during non standard times, and there’s two guys that say they look or looked at it between 10 AM and 3 PM with no damage.

I am not so sure of that, but my senses seem to tell me that if you have been looking at the sun long enough, you probably can do this, because I think a lot of this has to do with your intentions as much as it has to do with what the stronger sun may or may not do to you, and I think fear of eye damage also has something to do with it, in that if you fear your eyes are going to be damaged, then they may very well be, whereas if you don’t fear that, they probably won’t.

However, at this point, I can tell you that, personally, the sun is way too bright at those times of fullest strength and if I look at it for any length of time during those hours, I look at it’s reflection in a bowl of water as HRM suggests. That is not as good as looking directly at it during the safety times, but, I think, many times SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

I have looked at the sun directly during these hours for brief periods of time up to 1 minute with no apparent damage, but, as I am not used to it, I’m reluctant to push it further at this time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts and intentions are also important so that you can maximize the results. I personally believe that the majority of the benefits actually come from the absorption of massive amounts of prana from the sun while gazing. I try to go into a meditative state and draw the prana in through my third eye chakra, and that seems to boost the effectiveness of what I am doing.

In fact, I think if you have training in meditation, you can increase the results of your sungazing quite a bit.

It is a fact, I believe, that most people never attain the amazing results HRM says are possible for one reason or another. But, it is my belief that if you understand proper meditation practices and apply them to your sungazing sessions, your results will come faster and you will be assured of maximizing the results.

At least, that seems to be true in my case. As they say, “your mileage may vary.”

I have also listened to some of those who use alternative methods, but they do not seem to report the same spectacular results as HRM does, so I think that being a meditator is important in this.

HBI offers the most effective material in this area, and they have a special package at a greatly reduced price that actually gives you everything you need in one package.

It’s called Awakening Dimensional Consciousness, and I can tell you from my own personal experience that their material works much better and much faster than other methods I have tried, and I have tried some of the biggest names out there with moderate results. When I started to use the HBI material, I noticed results much faster and stronger, and I’m still making headway. Then, when I added this to my sungazing practice, it has made the results from sungazing come faster and stronger than they otherwise would have, of that I’m sure.

This is a special deal that most people don’t know about and I don’t know how much longer it will stay up. Please see some of my other spiritual blog posts for samples of HBI material, and I think you’ll agree that this stuff is utterly amazing.

This is a special “secret page” that I am linking you too, as the normal prices they charge for the material are much higher. But, this is a COMPLETE PACKAGE and you really don’t need any other material from them if you don’t want to. This package can get you up and running very fast, and then you, too, can maximize your sungazing and meditation results.

Anyway, that’s all I can suggest to you for now if you are really serious about raising your tonal and evolving into an ascended being, perhaps in this lifetime instead of waiting for another one.

So, click on this link right now to grab this deal before it is withdrawn, or, if you’re skeptical, check out their free videos linked to many of my spiritual posts, including part 3 of the exciting Yorktown series to which you can now find all of the links in today’s post.

Have a great day and I wish all of you a great spiritual awakening!


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