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Immortality….. Mankind has been searching for it for thousands of years. Yet, as far as is known publicly, no one has ever found it.

But, like most things people think they “know” today, they would be wrong about this too. There are a small number who have, down through the ages, discovered this secret. However, when you think about it, would you REALLY want to share this knowledge with just anyone? Would you want it known that YOU were an immortal? I think not.

There have been stories down through history of immortals. Even the Bible hinted that one of the Apostles might become immortal, and there is a rumor that the soldier whose spear was used to pieced the side of Jesus became immortal and still wanders the earth today. But is such a thing even possible?

Science will tell you that the human body should be able to last over a thousand years. But it usually doesn’t. How many people do you know who are that old?

There are also stories that some of the monks in Tibet live to be 400 years old or more. Can this be true, or are they just telling stories to get attention? What I am going to reveal in my latest podcast is the surprising information that immortality is true, there are a few immortals walking among us today totally unnoticed, and that you can join their ranks if you really want to.

It is not a hard or easy process, and there are several ways to attain this goal. I cover 3 methods to attain this and another method that will prolong your life for a much shorter period.

People disregard the records in the Bible that say the patriarchs lived very long lives, but most are not aware that Egyptian king records show incredible lifespans and the lifespans get longer the further back you go.

So, find out what the Pharoah’s and high priests of ancient Egypt knew. In fact, one of their practices is so simple that anyone can do it with a little discipline and once you overcome the fear factor.

You can listen to this exciting podcast in our Mind Mechanix series by going to our program page at Talkshoe, where you can either listen to it right there or download it to your device for later playing.

In closing, like Spock, I not only send you Thanksgiving greetings, but I wish for you to “live long and prosper.”

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Immortality and Ascension

I am going to share a lot of valuable information with you on this blog. I hope you have found the articles and videos I have already posted to be of interest and use.

Today I an going to talk about the subject of ascension, and how you can become an ascended being.

In actual fact, many of you reading these lines are old souls, and you have agreed to come here from a long time ago, as this is a pivotal moment in human history. Our mission is to help the human race evolve to it’s next level.

Here is a short but provocative video that tells the story of most of us, or we wouldn’t be here.

A long time ago, far far away, we made an agreement to come here at this crucial moment. Our job is to bring light to this darkened planet, and prepare it for enlightenment.




First, let me tell you what I believe is the difference between ENLIGHTENMENT and ASCENSION. This is my understanding about how this works, so you probably won’t find this in any dictionary.

One who is ENLIGHTENED is a person who understands and applies the attainment of dimensional consciousness. [NOTE: throughout this article you will see many hyper links to additional material, which will open in a separate tab when clicked on. The topics I discuss are so vast that you will need to visit these links for full information on the subject being discussed. For example, the above link takes you to a special page with a free course on the subject of how you can awaken your dimensional consciousness and what it is. So don’t be afraid to click on the links we highlight, and then come back here once you have finished reading or listening to the linked material.]

Dimensional Consciousness is not widely understood, but to awaken this dimensional consciousness, you must engage in a special form of meditation. Here are two segments of a course on this subject that you can listen to for free, after which you will understand that this unique form of meditation is very much different and more effective than the regular kind.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2


I realize this is a lot to take in, but, take your time. It will all make sense as we go along.


The way I define an ASCENDED BEING is one who is not only ENLIGHTENED, but one who has transformed their physical, energy, and spiritual bodies in such a way that they can disappear and reappear at will, shape shift, and perform many other miracles. An ascended being will also be for all intents and purposes immortal.

To understand these concepts and apply them to your life, I urge you to study and absorb all the material presented here and in our links.




Now that you have a basic understanding of how things work spiritually, and how you can begin to reach your potential, it’s important that we go back and learn what humanity really is.

There is strong evidence that mankind is a race that has been genetically engineered by the mixing of primate and alien DNA to make a hybrid creature – US.

Go ahead and read some of the secret history of the earth, starting with the Chronicles of Earth. It’s an utterly fascinating read. Then, come back to this narrative when you have read enough of that page and the ones linked to it.

This is truly a fascinating story, of how the human race was created to serve their creators, why and how. This information will later explain to you much that has hitherto not made sense to you about the human condition.

At this point, let me interject that the Annunaki had a real problem on their hands. They wanted to make a being that was smart enough to do its job, but not smart enough to ever challenge their creators. They did NOT achieve this goal, because mankind has proven that it has the ability to ascend to heights that our creators never dreamed of.

However, there has been a campaign down through history to keep the masses of the people in ignorance about our incredible human potential – otherwise, we would not make good slaves at all.

One of the main ways this dumbing down is carried out today is through our educational system. Way back in about 1987, I wrote a paper for one of my education classes called The History of the Great Moral Tradition in American Education, which in 1992 I included in my book, The Restoration of Truth. While much of what I wrote in that book I no longer subscribe to, if you really want to find out WHY the educational system is so messed up, you should read the entire chapter of my book in which this paper is included. And, of course, this material is almost 20 years old now, so the situation has only gotten worse. For a real eye opener then, about what is being done to you and your children, read this chapter [the paper in question is about half way down the page if you don’t want to read the introductory material, but I feel that is important material as well.]




In reality, NONE of us are “just ordinary” people. We are, in fact, incredible beings, but, we are mostly in a state of profound SLEEP. And, as Duke Leto tells his son Paul in Dune, “The sleeper must awaken…”

But, therein lies the trick!

About 85% of our DNA and our brains lie dormant, or asleep, if you will. In fact, science has been utterly unable to figure out what all of this excess capacity does.

Well, if you really want to awaken yourself, one way is to take up Sun Gazing, as the energy from the sun will eventually activate much of the dormant DNA and reawaken parts of our minds that are dormant.

However, unless you bring to bear multidimmensional consciousness while you are sun gazing, your results will be far less than what they can be using these important techniques. By using these advanced spiritual techniques, sun gazing will work a lot better for you than it otherwise would.




Once again, I suggest you go to Halexandria and read this page. This is one of the most concise explanations I have ever seen on how to use the Law of Attraction.


Once you have read that, go to the two free lessons in the Foundation Set to discover the meditative techniques you will need to help you on your journey.


Foundation 1

Foundation 2


One of the reasons people don’t get what they want from the Law of Attraction is that they don’t understand that we have a lot of “I’s” in our minds, each with different ideas about what it likes and wants. This short video will explain this to you and tell you what you need to do about this problem.


Now, I suggest you listen to the very insightful course called “Unveiled.”


This course is the wake-up call to the discovery and acknowledgment of a False Reality (The Matrix) versus what is real. Once you begin to “see” this veil pulled over your eyes and mind, you need to maintain consciousness to see past the illusion and not be consumed by the larger collective of thought. By maintaining individualism and awareness one surfaces to a higher state of being. Click here to listen to this insightful course.


You may also want to check out a 30 volume course on the law of attraction here.






In very ancient times, the elite were given the star fire, which extended their lives and increased their mental and spiritual powers.


At some point, the star fire was no longer available, so then the ruling elite humans on earth had to make due with the ORME.


The ORME is the white powder of gold, or the philosopher’s stone. It is the mono-atomic state of gold and other precious metal elements, which means that rather than having a molecule composed many atoms held together to form the metallic form, in it’s single atom state it is a white powder. This white powder is a super conductor, which, when ingested into the human body can produce amazing results, such as longevity, healing of diseases, psychic powers, and much more. The ORME occurs naturally in many vegetables, with grapes being a very big source. Go to the theory of eating page, and start reading about half way down the page for the good parts. It is also found in sea water, and therefore in sea salt as well.

Unfortunately, the author of the Halexandria site, like almost everyone else, has not heard of the ancient practice of sun gazing, but I can see that a combination of sun gazing while ingesting ORME could have spectacular and long lasting results.




Colloidal minerals such as colloidal silver and colloidal gold have similar properties to the ORME, and, in fact there is ample documentation that colloidal silver, for instance, will kill almost any form of germ or virus. It will also extend life and help heal wounds. My dog, for instance, is a living example of the healing and regenerative effects of colloidal silver.

He had a leg operation over 5 years ago and the vet didn’t use the proper sanitation either in the operation or the implant he put into the dog. As a result, when we got him back home, he had such a massive and aggressive infection that he almost died. However, regular applications of colloidal silver both externally and internally got rid of the infection and saved his life.

He is now around 14 years old and still pretty healthy. It also appears that all of his brothers and sisters from his birth litter have long since died, as Costa Rica can be very hard on dogs for various reasons.

OK, so colloidal silver, gold, etc. can act in your system just like a super conductor similar to the action of the ORME. With the power of superconductivity added to your physical body, when you gaze at the sun, it should increase the effects much more than they otherwise would be.

I will soon be uploading a series of success lessons based on The Science of Getting Rich where I describe some of the implications in much more detail, although at that time I, like most people even today, do not understand the connection to sun gazing. When you add all of this to sun gazing, it is a powerful combination indeed.

Finally, if you have the appropriate meditation techniques that you are practicing, it will increase your overall results exponentially. See the links above to the Foundation Set and other HBI material for more details in this regard.

I have had exposure to many metaphysical systems and teachers, and I can say without reservation that the HBI material is far ahead of anything else I have ever experienced, including some very famous names that I won’t divulge here.




I would like to draw your attention in closing to another aide that seems to have properties similar to the ORME as far as increasing the power of your psychic and meditative abilities. The source is very limited, so, if you are lucky you may be able to get some.

Here are a couple of descriptive paragraphs to whet your interest:


By now there is a good chance you have heard the whispering rumors about a new, secret project we’ve been working on for the last three years. These whispers might have told you things like how it stimulates a region of your brain you aren’t using now, increasing the balance between both hemispheres using more of both, a state normally reserved for famous artists or people considered geniuses. They also may have told you, off the record of course, how it induces relaxation, relieving pain, which boosts the time you can spend in meditation by quieting the body (and the mental chatter).

But did these quiet little whispers tell you how it adapts to your body condition, relaxing you if you need to calm down, or stimulating you if you are too sluggish, thus maintaining an optimal, centered, state of mind? If only it was true, right?

———————————————- End Quote ——————–

Some have referred to this as the meditation pill, but it has many other beneficial applications as well. It is certainly a revolutionary breakthrough if I’ve ever seen one that could boost your results from what we’ve discussed above even more.

Click on this link to read more of the amazing details on the benefits of the magnetic pill.

WOW! I know that’s a lot to digest! This one post could keep you busy learning all weekend, so I’ll leave you to it until next time!










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