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What the Death Threat on David Wilcock Reveals

Below is a revised text of an email I just sent to a friend.  I believe it’s contents are important to share:

Just got done listening to this interview.  There is more to this than meets the eye on the surface that most people will not pick up on.  I’m not sure you will believe this, but here is my observation:

Interview is here:

There were one or two clues that this “anonymous” “guy” was far more than what he appears to be.  For example, he mentioned a “time delay” in sending and receiving of the questions and answers.  There is no place on this planet where such a time lag would occur, as the speed of light carries signals back and forth so fast that any delay is not detectable to the human ear.

In order to have such a “time delay,” he would therefore be located somewhere off this planet.  He also used certain code phrases, and I guess I will have to listen to portions of what he said again because I couldn’t understand some of what he said as I was listening from the kitchen while making breakfast as I usually do with a lot of Kerry’s stuff as usually it is not important to hear every word clearly, but I think some of this is very important.

He may be aboard a spaceship or even on the moon, but he is definitely not on this planet.  However, the clues he leaves are very important.  You will also recall that he said “one of my associates will visit you in about 7 day’s time and you will have to tell him the truth about your situation.”

So, wherever he and his associates are is far enough away that it may take up to a week to get here.

You will also note that he referred to the Illuminati as “dogs” who they send to “fetch the newspaper.”

He also said that what is about to happen has been at least several hundred years in the planning stage.  He also talked about our great human potential.

Putting all of the pieces together, I think we may have been listening to an “angel,” or, to put it into more modern terms, one of the “good Annunaki” who are totally opposed to the renegade group in control of this planet, and that “their days are numbered.”

The Annunaki are divided into 2 main factions, with the “bad guys” being about 1/3rd of them and the “good guys” being about 2/3rds.  The “good guys” are mostly not on this planet at the moment, but are back home on Nibiru, and they appear to only have access to this planet when Nibiru gets close enough to us, which is a long involved story.

For a fascinating discussion on these subjects, including “the nature of angels,” see the 3 chapters of my unfinished book, The Secret Mysteries of the Ages.  Please bear in mind that this was written 6 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then, so I no longer agree with all of it.  But there is enough truth there that reveals a lot about what is going on here below:

There is no doubt in my mind that Nibiru is now very close, and that soon it will be “within range” for the vast majority to be able to come here.  There is also a contingent of the “holy watchers” who are stationed offsorld but fairly close by who are the eyes and ears for “the good guys.”  The “guy” on Kerry’s radio show is probably one of these.

The bad guys are literally scared to death of “HIM,” or the one the Book of Enoch calls the God of gods, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.  Even the mention of HIS name sends them scurrying like the cockroaches they are.

I am not trying to say anything “religious” here, because when you strip away all the BS, you are left with some very astounding things.

But, in any event, the “war in heaven” is now reaching down to our planet, the Illuminati are about to be flushed down the toilet by the “God of Armies,” which some modern translations refer to HIM as.  You notice that he also said that “within 20 years we will have a golden age that is unimaginable.”  This is what they propose to do when they come here and take over this planet from the bad guys.

Also, I believe that our ascension is the next item on the list, and I believe that sun gazing is the quickest way to accomplish this that there is.  The results in my own life have been astonishing so far, and I really miss it when I can’t sun gaze for days at a time because of the rotten weather here during this time of year.  But sun gazing ignites the necessary changes in our DNA to enable us to evolve to a much higher state of being, and this is something that the Illuminati have struggled for thousands of years to suppress.

Since we are a genetically engineered species, there are certain “keys” that have been hard wired into our DNA that are only released when the appropriate trigger is introduced.  The fastest and strongest of these triggers is sungazing.

This is one reason I think that you must begin sun gazing gradually as HRM recommends, because if you tried to do it too fast, you might “overload” your system.  However, slow, steadily increasing exposure is what is needed to trigger the DNA that is hidden in our genetic code, after which we will begin the evolution process so that we will eventually become a god, which is about the closest term I can use that is understandable.

I have reached the conclusion that what is going on with my feet is the expulsion of massive amounts of pent up poisons in my body, and that this is actually a good thing, as this vile stuff needs to be expelled from my body for more healing to take place.

Well, that’s enough for now, it was nice talking to you last night.

Take care,



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Comment on Gnome Video

Last week I posted a video on the human gnome project.  Upon reflection on this video and it’s contents, I began to reach the conclusion that the woman being interviewed was crazy, and I had decided to take it down in the morning.

But, that night, I had a dream that seemed to indicate that there might be something to it, no matter how far fetched it sounds.

So, while I won’t endorse this video and can’t say for sure that I believe all or any of it’s contents, I have decided to leave it up for now so that you can make up your own mind on the issue.


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