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Be a Success and Develop Your Psychic Powers

I have produced two new podcasts.  One is lesson 9 in our success series and the other podcast is part 2 in the developing your ESP series in the Mind Mechanix series.

See the below video for more details as well as an exercise to center you and put you into the now.


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A few days ago I uploaded a podcast on the paranormal to the Mind Mechanics series that you can find by clicking on the podcast page.

What are ghosts?  Do vampires really exist?  How about immortals?  The “little people?”

I answer these and many more questions in this exciting podcast.

Also, please note that it often takes me a few days to make these announcements, so you should make a habit of checking out our podcast page every once in a while as you may get a surprise.

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Sudden Porthole

This is an interesting video where someone saw and filmed by accident what appears to be the use of a beam weapon, HAARP or some similar technology.

The video is a little bit slow at times, but is worth the time.




For DVD’s books and audios on related subjects, click here.

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