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Success Through Parallel Universe Jump


I am excited to announce 2 major new podcasts, which you can access from our podcast page. The podcasts are in the Mind Mechanix series.

Many people experience failure after failure in their life, and don’t understand why. It seems no matter how hard they try things just don’t work out.

Well now, you have an innovative solution to this problem at your fingertips.

There are an infinite number of parallel universes, and there are an infinite number of you’s in those universes. No matter what it is you can think of, it exists somewhere in one of those universes. There is a you who is a business tycoon worth billions, there is a you who is a famous painter, a famous rock star, a famous writer, etc. No matter what it is that you want to be or achieve, one of these yous in an alternative universe has already achieved it and could easily guide you along the path of success they took to get there.

I know of a man in his 80’s who decided to learn to paint, play the piano, etc. At the age where most people are headed to retirement homes, he is alert and aware and starting new projects and learning things he has never done before.

I have had a similar experience. I am starting down some important new paths, and I would never dream of doing so without consulting the me in a parallel universe where I have already accomplished these things.

And you can do it to. You can make regular visits to this alternative you for advice, knowledge, and the edge you will need to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

I have uploaded two podcasts on this subject. The first discusses in detail what can be done and how you can access this other universe and consult with yourself there. The second podcast is a guided meditation where you will actually do this.

Stop struggling today and learn how things are really done from yourself in another universe that is an expert. This idea may sound strange at first, but by the time you are done with the first podcast, you will fully understand how to do this.

So visit our Mind Mechanix podcast today and make those New Year’s resolutions come true.


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New Med Mix

Here is a new meditation mix for your enjoyment.  Download it now before it is deleted.



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New Meditation Mix

Meditaiton Mix 2

We have just uploaded a new meditation mix called Prophetic Alchemie. It is Availble at the following link:

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What a day!

The last week has been really rainy. September, October and November are the 3 rainiest months of the rainy season, which is right at the end.

I have not been able to get any decent sungazing in now for about 8 days as it has been overcast and or rainy now for over a week, and the last 2 days it has been raining almost constantly so I couldn’t even take the dog for a walk and he is not liking that at all.

It has also been cold for here. Currently, the temperature is at 64 degrees, and that is real cold for here and the night is young. If the cloud cover goes away, it may drop into the 50’s, which is pretty much unheard of for Costa Rica.

I had one day when I was able to get some fairly intense sun around 11 AM or so, but even that was sporadic. None the less, I got a good charge of energy then and the intense sunlight did not harm my eyes, but I am up to just over 13 minutes now so my eyes are accustomed to it somewhat by now.

However, I still feel that all new sungazers should follow the prescription of HRM strictly and I do not recommend anyone do what I have done. I did it because it was either that or nothing and I found I had a real desire for the sunlight.

I will mention though, that the positive effects from sungazing are mostly still with me, so it doesn’t wear off all that fast if at all, which solidifies my theory that the changes the sun makes to your mind and body can become permanent over time and continued exposure.

I have not had time to get the weight loss products set up yet, as I don’t generally work on the weekends and even though I intended on doing it today, I had some intense spiritual experiences while meditating to a yantra today. It was very intense, in fact, and brought back some recurring dreams that I have had about at some point hooking up with a major celebrity at some point that appears to be soon now.

I have had persistent dreams and or visions since 1992 about this celebrity and his best friend and fellow band member, but it looks like this may finally soon come about.

And that is not unusual, because Costa Rica is a magnet for celebrities traveling here to “get away from the crowds” and have some peace.

My first experience with that was while I was traveling with some friends of mine years ago who were in a local band here. They had a gig in Quepos at one of the major hotels there, and I was along for the ride. While sitting at the bar before the band was ready to play, I suddenly noticed there was a guy sitting next to me at the bar. I didn’t recognize him right away, but we started talking and it was an enjoyable conversation.

Finally, he looked at me and asked “do you know who I am?”

I said, “well, you look kind of familiar but I’m not sure.”

He then introduced himself as Billy Chrystal. At that time, which was the late ’90’s, his very famous City Slicker movies had just come out, and so finally I made the connection.

We had a very interesting conversation, during which he told me some interesting stories. I then said to him, “don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for your autograph or anything like that, I ‘m just going to treat you like anyone else.”

He actually appreciated that. When the band started to play or was about to, I told him that I had to go over to their table and sit with my friends, but, if he would like I would ask them if he could come over and sit with us.

Naturally, my friends said OK, and Billy Chrystal spent the whole night with us and he had a very good time. We stayed until they closed the bar and kicked us out.

So, yes, I have had some experience with celebrities in Costa Rica who come down here to “get away from it all,” and I respect their desire to get away from the insanity that’s Hollywood and have a vacation where they can pretend for a short time that they are just regular people.

I lived in Hollywood for a while and met some interesting people while I was there, and so I know that most of these celebrities are just people and most do not like all the bother and fuss that fame and fortune thrust them into. In fact, I think for some, it’s kind of a lonely life.

Anyway, I am not going to mention the name of the people my dreams have told me to expect, but they figured in today’s meditation quite a bit.

I guess that’s all I have for today’s update. I hope to get more work done tomorrow.

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