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Be Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull

My mentor told me to watch the movie, but I couldn’t find a good version.  However, I found this fantastic dramatic reading of the book.

I read this book a long time ago in the ’70’s when it came out.  Sure wish I had listened to it then.  Would have saved me a lot of years of going nowhere.  Now, I am on the spiritual path again. Let’s all make this our New Year’s resolution.  That this will be the year that we change ourselves.  Blessings and peace to you all.  Enjoy.

Here is a Neil Diamond song from the movie

Now here is a great dramatic reading of the book.  It isn’t long.  Make a resolution to read it before New Year’s day.  Plan your life around your spirituality, not your spirituality around your life and all will be well with you.

Peace again and blessings for a great New Year and a great New Beginning.

Hear is part 2:

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