Sungazing is a very ancient practice, going back at least to Egypt, but it probably goes back to the beginning of time.

Information on this practice is hard to find because it was almost totally stamped out thousands of years ago.

In fact, I have recently come across information that I have not yet been able to verify that the early Christian Church were sungazers. It upset the Roman government so much that they passed a specific law against this practice, and may be the main reason the early Christians were thrown to the lions.

Eventually, Rome, under Constantine, took over what was left of the church and merged it with the Babylonian mystery religion in Rome as well as Mithraism.

This post will have many videos, some of them very detailed. I suggest you watch every one of them if you have time.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you probably should watch the video presentations posted either today or tomorrow in the Real Science category and the Spiritual category. Again, there is quite a bit of material to cover and digest, but, with the material from those posts fresh in your mind, the material here will mean a lot more and help you to understand better what will be revealed below.

First, start with this video on how the Egyptians viewed the sun. This video also introduces you to the fact that the Sun sends us information.

Why Were the Romans So Upset by Sungazing?

On the surface, it seems inexplicable why the Romans would be so upset by this. But, when you look into the history of the practice and what it does, then you will begin to understand why the Romans and all other rulers of this world hate it so much. And, they have done such a thorough job of suppression and brainwashing with lies that almost everyone would not even consider doing this today. I know that’s the way it was with me.

Historically, in ancient Egypt, only the Pharaohs and high priests were allowed to do this. It is an interesting sidelight, that, as an adopted son of Pharaoh and heir to the throne of Egypt, Moses would have had this training as well. I will deal with that more at a later date if I am able to find data on the subject.

In other words, down through history, this practice has been downright forbidden for common people to engage in, and the Romans outlawed it on the pain of death.

With the above clues, and upon understanding the startling and amazing effects that this has on the human body, mind and soul, one begins to see why the elite have kept this a closely guarded secret for so long. Because, if the “common people” ever started doing this in large enough numbers, it would, as some accused the early church of doing, turn the world upside down!

Gene Savoy is the famous archeologist who inspired the Indiana Jones series. In other words, he was a real life Indiana Jones who uncovered the secrets of Sungazing and the power it confers. Here is an excerpt from a segment of the documentary film Eat the Sun, which proves what we have said above.

If you are interested in reading Gene’s material, here are two excellent books of his through Amazon:

Antisuyo;: The search for the lost cities of the Amazon

Project X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality

Here is the Official Trailer to the fantastic documentary, Eat the Sun:

You can purchase your very own DVD copy of this great documentary through Amazon by clicking here.


The Effects of Sungazing on the Body, Mind, and Spirit

I am posting some youtube videos about sungazing below, which are presentations by HRM, the one who has popularized Sungazing in the modern world. These are full length features, but I advise you to watch and pay attention very carefully to all of it, as it is very important.

At the end of HRM’s lecture, he makes some very startling statements in brief very quickly, which many people probably won’t notice. However, when you understand the benefits of this ancient practice, you will understand why the so called “elites” have suppressed this for so long. Simply put, if enough people freed themselves from the mechanisms of control that the “elite’s” use, they would lose all of their power very quickly.

First, is a news report titled: Indian ‘holy man’ perplexes doctors. This news report is from 5-6 years ago, when I first heard of him.

Next, here is HRM’s call to action to solve the problems of our world, one person at a time:

Here is an interview with HRM called Nourished by the Sun, Not Food

This is an interview with HRM that discuses the healing aspect of Sungazing

Here is HRM’s main lecture that he gives around the world on Sungazing. This gives you all the information you need to know about this subject, at least in the beginning

Finally, here is a short Sungazing documentary from a practitioner

Finally, I would like to say that I have been sun gazing now for a little over 2 months, and it has been absolutely fantastic! I am experiencing the benefits HRM mentions in small measure, as I am “only” looking at the sun as of today for 10 minutes and 40 seconds.

Not only hasn’t it damaged my eyes, my vision is actually improving! My mind is also sharper and clearer than it has been for years, and my overall health is improving day by day.

I will be telling more about my experiences in my personal blog, so watch for updates there. I will also be telling more on my own story there shortly, so watch for it.

There are some other sungazing links I will be putting in my personal posts as well, but the above material is more than enough for now to answer most of your questions.

I wish you great journeys!




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