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Sungazing & happy rays !


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A Major Crossroads

I find myself at a major crossroads. The sungazing was correcting whatever the problem is with my left eye, albeit slowly. Since I have suspended sungazing, I find that it is reverting back to the way it was.

My world has also shrunk to my desk and my bed, and even though they are only about 2 feet apart, it is very hard to move from one to the other and also dangerous as my desk chair is unstable. Also, if I don’t have help I don’t eat and going to the bathroom is an ordeal.

I have the task this afternoon to call a list of assisted care facilities here in Costa Rica, as it would be better at this point to have help with my meals and going to the bathroom, etc., around the clock rather than the limits I have now with only having a maid for 4 hours per day.

It also doesn’t help that I have virtually no income and dwindling savings.

I really don’t know what the future holds, but my world has shrunk considerably, I can’t even pet my dog because of risk of infection, etc. My poor old dog is 15 years old and can’t understand why I am not with him as I usually am. I can only watch him from afar with sadness at his predicament as well as mine.

I may be off the net for a time when I move. I will update as I am able.

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I Almost Died Last Week

This is just a quick entry to let you know where I have been and why I haven’t been posting.


I have been very ill for about 5 weeks now. It turns out the problem was gangrene. If I knew how serious it was when it started I would have given it more attention but it seemed like a regular infection at first so I didn’t give it much thought.

After about 2 weeks I began to get very sick, but I still didn’t make the connection. However, a couple of weeks ago I got so ill I almost died. I started taking mms1 and that helped me out a bit, as mms will kill almost anything including gangrene if given a chance.

Unfortunately, even though the mms was helping, I was too sick to deal with its side effects very well.

I then learned how to properly apply bentonite clay, which also cures gangrene, to my foot. My foot was hardly swollen at all before this, but it swelled up like a balloon as the bentonite worked to pull out the poison from my foot. But the whole process was making me sicker even though it was killing the cause.

So, in desperation a week ago Tuesday I made sure I had someone in the house to watch me, and took an mms2 capsule with about half the recommended dose as a precaution.

Well, if mms1 is like a stick of dynamite mms2 is like an atomic bomb in comparison, it’s that much stronger. I was told by an mms practitioner to make sure and drink lots of water after taking it.

Within about 20 minutes of taking it I could feel it moving through my body and killing massive amounts of the pathogens. Unfortunately, I was already so weak and dehydrated that no matter how much water I drank I couldn’t stop the thirst.

I got weaker and weaker, and finally by 6 pm I went to the bathroom and when I came out I collapsed on the floor by the door and couldn’t get back up.

Fortunately, my friend was here and he barely managed to drag me to his car and rush me to an emergency room where they re-hydrated me and saved my life. They then took me for 3 xrays and had a doctor look at it.

I was then told that I needed immediate surgery or I was going to die. This was a private hospital here in Costa Rica, so I was not able to afford the surgery there, so I was transferred to the nearest public hospital. It took 4 hours of waiting until 4 am to see a doctor there, and he looked at my foot and looked at the xrays and also said I needed immediate surgery.

As they had no bed for me, they laid me down on an examination table, put an IV in my arm, and left me there until about 10 am when I got a shower and change of clothes. Right after that I was taken to my first surgery.

They first amputated my foot so they could observe to see if the infection had spread into my leg. The doctor saw that it had not, so they scheduled a second surgery and amputated my leg below the knee so that I could walk again someday with a prosthesis.

I was in the hospital for a week, and it was a very harrowing experience. Unfortunately I essentially live alone and can’t afford the kind of help I need for now so I am looking for some kind of place to go where they make my food and have help when I need it day and night. So far I haven’t found one of those yet either.

This was probably caused by a temporary flare up of my diabetes, but there is also the remote possibility this was caused by sungazing without walking barefoot, as I was up to about 35-40 minutes. I could actually feel the sun fighting the infection but it was not enough to save me from this. I have stopped sungazing indefinitely while I sort things out.



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Sungazing and a Healing Crisis?

will be sending this post on to the HRM sungazing yahoo group to see if anyone has an insight on this.


About a week ago, when I got back from work, I was astonished to find that all the callouses on my left foot had literally exploded. There was blood on my sock, but there was no pain. The stuff that actually looked like blood was actually some kind of puss that had drained out.


I have known for several years that there was a deep seated systemic infection of my body that all attempts to get rid of have failed to eradicate. I have tried colloidal silver, etc., all to no avail. This infection seems to be related somehow to my allergy problems that I have also had since childhood. Sometimes a symptom seems like an allergy attack, while at others it seems like an infection. If I take colloidal silver and it’s an infection, I get a reaction. If I don’t get a reaction, then I know it is more related to my allergies.


For some time now, while sungazing, I have had watery eyes for a while, which I was attributing to allergies being drained from my system. The end of December is the worst time for my allergies of the whole year, and the last 5 years or so I have had crippling swelling in the mouth and gums as well as other very severe problems. It seems that they are allergy related because it comes during the transition to the dry season, at which time lots of plants suddenly begin to bloom.


However, last year I had these symptoms for about 3 months instead of just the last two weeks of December, and I had many other problems last year including my whole right hand side of my face swelling up. It also has effected my left eye, which the eye doctor said was a result of the swelling constricting the blood vessels into the eye, blurring my vision.


And it didn’t stop at the end of December last year like it usually does, and was only at the end of February last year that it became obvious something was terribly wrong.


So, I started on a diet. By April it was vegetarian and since May it has been mostly vegan. Now, just today, I have started a raw food diet to knock out these problems and cleanse my system. I am expecting this healing crisis to get worse before it gets better, but I need to get rid of these problems once and for all.


If anyone has any experience with sungazing causing a healing crisis, please let me know, as I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in this.



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What the Death Threat on David Wilcock Reveals

Below is a revised text of an email I just sent to a friend.  I believe it’s contents are important to share:

Just got done listening to this interview.  There is more to this than meets the eye on the surface that most people will not pick up on.  I’m not sure you will believe this, but here is my observation:

Interview is here:

There were one or two clues that this “anonymous” “guy” was far more than what he appears to be.  For example, he mentioned a “time delay” in sending and receiving of the questions and answers.  There is no place on this planet where such a time lag would occur, as the speed of light carries signals back and forth so fast that any delay is not detectable to the human ear.

In order to have such a “time delay,” he would therefore be located somewhere off this planet.  He also used certain code phrases, and I guess I will have to listen to portions of what he said again because I couldn’t understand some of what he said as I was listening from the kitchen while making breakfast as I usually do with a lot of Kerry’s stuff as usually it is not important to hear every word clearly, but I think some of this is very important.

He may be aboard a spaceship or even on the moon, but he is definitely not on this planet.  However, the clues he leaves are very important.  You will also recall that he said “one of my associates will visit you in about 7 day’s time and you will have to tell him the truth about your situation.”

So, wherever he and his associates are is far enough away that it may take up to a week to get here.

You will also note that he referred to the Illuminati as “dogs” who they send to “fetch the newspaper.”

He also said that what is about to happen has been at least several hundred years in the planning stage.  He also talked about our great human potential.

Putting all of the pieces together, I think we may have been listening to an “angel,” or, to put it into more modern terms, one of the “good Annunaki” who are totally opposed to the renegade group in control of this planet, and that “their days are numbered.”

The Annunaki are divided into 2 main factions, with the “bad guys” being about 1/3rd of them and the “good guys” being about 2/3rds.  The “good guys” are mostly not on this planet at the moment, but are back home on Nibiru, and they appear to only have access to this planet when Nibiru gets close enough to us, which is a long involved story.

For a fascinating discussion on these subjects, including “the nature of angels,” see the 3 chapters of my unfinished book, The Secret Mysteries of the Ages.  Please bear in mind that this was written 6 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then, so I no longer agree with all of it.  But there is enough truth there that reveals a lot about what is going on here below:

There is no doubt in my mind that Nibiru is now very close, and that soon it will be “within range” for the vast majority to be able to come here.  There is also a contingent of the “holy watchers” who are stationed offsorld but fairly close by who are the eyes and ears for “the good guys.”  The “guy” on Kerry’s radio show is probably one of these.

The bad guys are literally scared to death of “HIM,” or the one the Book of Enoch calls the God of gods, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.  Even the mention of HIS name sends them scurrying like the cockroaches they are.

I am not trying to say anything “religious” here, because when you strip away all the BS, you are left with some very astounding things.

But, in any event, the “war in heaven” is now reaching down to our planet, the Illuminati are about to be flushed down the toilet by the “God of Armies,” which some modern translations refer to HIM as.  You notice that he also said that “within 20 years we will have a golden age that is unimaginable.”  This is what they propose to do when they come here and take over this planet from the bad guys.

Also, I believe that our ascension is the next item on the list, and I believe that sun gazing is the quickest way to accomplish this that there is.  The results in my own life have been astonishing so far, and I really miss it when I can’t sun gaze for days at a time because of the rotten weather here during this time of year.  But sun gazing ignites the necessary changes in our DNA to enable us to evolve to a much higher state of being, and this is something that the Illuminati have struggled for thousands of years to suppress.

Since we are a genetically engineered species, there are certain “keys” that have been hard wired into our DNA that are only released when the appropriate trigger is introduced.  The fastest and strongest of these triggers is sungazing.

This is one reason I think that you must begin sun gazing gradually as HRM recommends, because if you tried to do it too fast, you might “overload” your system.  However, slow, steadily increasing exposure is what is needed to trigger the DNA that is hidden in our genetic code, after which we will begin the evolution process so that we will eventually become a god, which is about the closest term I can use that is understandable.

I have reached the conclusion that what is going on with my feet is the expulsion of massive amounts of pent up poisons in my body, and that this is actually a good thing, as this vile stuff needs to be expelled from my body for more healing to take place.

Well, that’s enough for now, it was nice talking to you last night.

Take care,



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Immortality and Ascension

I am going to share a lot of valuable information with you on this blog. I hope you have found the articles and videos I have already posted to be of interest and use.

Today I an going to talk about the subject of ascension, and how you can become an ascended being.

In actual fact, many of you reading these lines are old souls, and you have agreed to come here from a long time ago, as this is a pivotal moment in human history. Our mission is to help the human race evolve to it’s next level.

Here is a short but provocative video that tells the story of most of us, or we wouldn’t be here.

A long time ago, far far away, we made an agreement to come here at this crucial moment. Our job is to bring light to this darkened planet, and prepare it for enlightenment.




First, let me tell you what I believe is the difference between ENLIGHTENMENT and ASCENSION. This is my understanding about how this works, so you probably won’t find this in any dictionary.

One who is ENLIGHTENED is a person who understands and applies the attainment of dimensional consciousness. [NOTE: throughout this article you will see many hyper links to additional material, which will open in a separate tab when clicked on. The topics I discuss are so vast that you will need to visit these links for full information on the subject being discussed. For example, the above link takes you to a special page with a free course on the subject of how you can awaken your dimensional consciousness and what it is. So don’t be afraid to click on the links we highlight, and then come back here once you have finished reading or listening to the linked material.]

Dimensional Consciousness is not widely understood, but to awaken this dimensional consciousness, you must engage in a special form of meditation. Here are two segments of a course on this subject that you can listen to for free, after which you will understand that this unique form of meditation is very much different and more effective than the regular kind.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2


I realize this is a lot to take in, but, take your time. It will all make sense as we go along.


The way I define an ASCENDED BEING is one who is not only ENLIGHTENED, but one who has transformed their physical, energy, and spiritual bodies in such a way that they can disappear and reappear at will, shape shift, and perform many other miracles. An ascended being will also be for all intents and purposes immortal.

To understand these concepts and apply them to your life, I urge you to study and absorb all the material presented here and in our links.




Now that you have a basic understanding of how things work spiritually, and how you can begin to reach your potential, it’s important that we go back and learn what humanity really is.

There is strong evidence that mankind is a race that has been genetically engineered by the mixing of primate and alien DNA to make a hybrid creature – US.

Go ahead and read some of the secret history of the earth, starting with the Chronicles of Earth. It’s an utterly fascinating read. Then, come back to this narrative when you have read enough of that page and the ones linked to it.

This is truly a fascinating story, of how the human race was created to serve their creators, why and how. This information will later explain to you much that has hitherto not made sense to you about the human condition.

At this point, let me interject that the Annunaki had a real problem on their hands. They wanted to make a being that was smart enough to do its job, but not smart enough to ever challenge their creators. They did NOT achieve this goal, because mankind has proven that it has the ability to ascend to heights that our creators never dreamed of.

However, there has been a campaign down through history to keep the masses of the people in ignorance about our incredible human potential – otherwise, we would not make good slaves at all.

One of the main ways this dumbing down is carried out today is through our educational system. Way back in about 1987, I wrote a paper for one of my education classes called The History of the Great Moral Tradition in American Education, which in 1992 I included in my book, The Restoration of Truth. While much of what I wrote in that book I no longer subscribe to, if you really want to find out WHY the educational system is so messed up, you should read the entire chapter of my book in which this paper is included. And, of course, this material is almost 20 years old now, so the situation has only gotten worse. For a real eye opener then, about what is being done to you and your children, read this chapter [the paper in question is about half way down the page if you don’t want to read the introductory material, but I feel that is important material as well.]




In reality, NONE of us are “just ordinary” people. We are, in fact, incredible beings, but, we are mostly in a state of profound SLEEP. And, as Duke Leto tells his son Paul in Dune, “The sleeper must awaken…”

But, therein lies the trick!

About 85% of our DNA and our brains lie dormant, or asleep, if you will. In fact, science has been utterly unable to figure out what all of this excess capacity does.

Well, if you really want to awaken yourself, one way is to take up Sun Gazing, as the energy from the sun will eventually activate much of the dormant DNA and reawaken parts of our minds that are dormant.

However, unless you bring to bear multidimmensional consciousness while you are sun gazing, your results will be far less than what they can be using these important techniques. By using these advanced spiritual techniques, sun gazing will work a lot better for you than it otherwise would.




Once again, I suggest you go to Halexandria and read this page. This is one of the most concise explanations I have ever seen on how to use the Law of Attraction.


Once you have read that, go to the two free lessons in the Foundation Set to discover the meditative techniques you will need to help you on your journey.


Foundation 1

Foundation 2


One of the reasons people don’t get what they want from the Law of Attraction is that they don’t understand that we have a lot of “I’s” in our minds, each with different ideas about what it likes and wants. This short video will explain this to you and tell you what you need to do about this problem.


Now, I suggest you listen to the very insightful course called “Unveiled.”


This course is the wake-up call to the discovery and acknowledgment of a False Reality (The Matrix) versus what is real. Once you begin to “see” this veil pulled over your eyes and mind, you need to maintain consciousness to see past the illusion and not be consumed by the larger collective of thought. By maintaining individualism and awareness one surfaces to a higher state of being. Click here to listen to this insightful course.


You may also want to check out a 30 volume course on the law of attraction here.






In very ancient times, the elite were given the star fire, which extended their lives and increased their mental and spiritual powers.


At some point, the star fire was no longer available, so then the ruling elite humans on earth had to make due with the ORME.


The ORME is the white powder of gold, or the philosopher’s stone. It is the mono-atomic state of gold and other precious metal elements, which means that rather than having a molecule composed many atoms held together to form the metallic form, in it’s single atom state it is a white powder. This white powder is a super conductor, which, when ingested into the human body can produce amazing results, such as longevity, healing of diseases, psychic powers, and much more. The ORME occurs naturally in many vegetables, with grapes being a very big source. Go to the theory of eating page, and start reading about half way down the page for the good parts. It is also found in sea water, and therefore in sea salt as well.

Unfortunately, the author of the Halexandria site, like almost everyone else, has not heard of the ancient practice of sun gazing, but I can see that a combination of sun gazing while ingesting ORME could have spectacular and long lasting results.




Colloidal minerals such as colloidal silver and colloidal gold have similar properties to the ORME, and, in fact there is ample documentation that colloidal silver, for instance, will kill almost any form of germ or virus. It will also extend life and help heal wounds. My dog, for instance, is a living example of the healing and regenerative effects of colloidal silver.

He had a leg operation over 5 years ago and the vet didn’t use the proper sanitation either in the operation or the implant he put into the dog. As a result, when we got him back home, he had such a massive and aggressive infection that he almost died. However, regular applications of colloidal silver both externally and internally got rid of the infection and saved his life.

He is now around 14 years old and still pretty healthy. It also appears that all of his brothers and sisters from his birth litter have long since died, as Costa Rica can be very hard on dogs for various reasons.

OK, so colloidal silver, gold, etc. can act in your system just like a super conductor similar to the action of the ORME. With the power of superconductivity added to your physical body, when you gaze at the sun, it should increase the effects much more than they otherwise would be.

I will soon be uploading a series of success lessons based on The Science of Getting Rich where I describe some of the implications in much more detail, although at that time I, like most people even today, do not understand the connection to sun gazing. When you add all of this to sun gazing, it is a powerful combination indeed.

Finally, if you have the appropriate meditation techniques that you are practicing, it will increase your overall results exponentially. See the links above to the Foundation Set and other HBI material for more details in this regard.

I have had exposure to many metaphysical systems and teachers, and I can say without reservation that the HBI material is far ahead of anything else I have ever experienced, including some very famous names that I won’t divulge here.




I would like to draw your attention in closing to another aide that seems to have properties similar to the ORME as far as increasing the power of your psychic and meditative abilities. The source is very limited, so, if you are lucky you may be able to get some.

Here are a couple of descriptive paragraphs to whet your interest:


By now there is a good chance you have heard the whispering rumors about a new, secret project we’ve been working on for the last three years. These whispers might have told you things like how it stimulates a region of your brain you aren’t using now, increasing the balance between both hemispheres using more of both, a state normally reserved for famous artists or people considered geniuses. They also may have told you, off the record of course, how it induces relaxation, relieving pain, which boosts the time you can spend in meditation by quieting the body (and the mental chatter).

But did these quiet little whispers tell you how it adapts to your body condition, relaxing you if you need to calm down, or stimulating you if you are too sluggish, thus maintaining an optimal, centered, state of mind? If only it was true, right?

———————————————- End Quote ——————–

Some have referred to this as the meditation pill, but it has many other beneficial applications as well. It is certainly a revolutionary breakthrough if I’ve ever seen one that could boost your results from what we’ve discussed above even more.

Click on this link to read more of the amazing details on the benefits of the magnetic pill.

WOW! I know that’s a lot to digest! This one post could keep you busy learning all weekend, so I’ll leave you to it until next time!










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Sungazing Obstacles

Well, folks, it’s that time of year when many in the northern hemisphere encounter sungazing snags and problems, as the weather winds down towards winter time.

Even though Costa Rica is in the tropics, the months or October and November are the two worst months of the rainy season, and for several days this week there hasn’t really been any time to properly gaze at the sun for the time I need, which is 13+ minutes now.

And I am feeling the effects of not getting a proper does of sunlight as I have grown used to.

That’s why I thought I would share with you some of the things I am doing to combat this problem. Please remember that these are deviations from HRM’s normal prescription, so use these techniques with care and if you don’t feel right, just don’t do it and wait until the sun returns during the safety times that HRM has given.

Two days ago, I had to resort to looking at the sun’s reflection in a bowl of water, as HRM suggests when you can’t get the sun during the safety times, but most of this week has been partly or mostly cloudy conditions, so there has been no time during the day for the last two days when it has been shining long enough for me to do a proper session.

So, what I have done is earlier today I looked at the sun through the clouds even though it was higher in the sky than normal because it was around 10 AM. For a lot of that period, it was even pretty bright through the clouds and I did get some energy that way today, although not my usual dose.

Another morning I was able to gaze at it, but the clouds were moving back and forth over it, so I extended my sungazing period to compensate.

These are just some of the things I have done, because the positive effects of my sungazing have become so pronounced that I really don’t want to be without it.

There are some who claim that they sungaze during non standard times, and there’s two guys that say they look or looked at it between 10 AM and 3 PM with no damage.

I am not so sure of that, but my senses seem to tell me that if you have been looking at the sun long enough, you probably can do this, because I think a lot of this has to do with your intentions as much as it has to do with what the stronger sun may or may not do to you, and I think fear of eye damage also has something to do with it, in that if you fear your eyes are going to be damaged, then they may very well be, whereas if you don’t fear that, they probably won’t.

However, at this point, I can tell you that, personally, the sun is way too bright at those times of fullest strength and if I look at it for any length of time during those hours, I look at it’s reflection in a bowl of water as HRM suggests. That is not as good as looking directly at it during the safety times, but, I think, many times SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

I have looked at the sun directly during these hours for brief periods of time up to 1 minute with no apparent damage, but, as I am not used to it, I’m reluctant to push it further at this time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts and intentions are also important so that you can maximize the results. I personally believe that the majority of the benefits actually come from the absorption of massive amounts of prana from the sun while gazing. I try to go into a meditative state and draw the prana in through my third eye chakra, and that seems to boost the effectiveness of what I am doing.

In fact, I think if you have training in meditation, you can increase the results of your sungazing quite a bit.

It is a fact, I believe, that most people never attain the amazing results HRM says are possible for one reason or another. But, it is my belief that if you understand proper meditation practices and apply them to your sungazing sessions, your results will come faster and you will be assured of maximizing the results.

At least, that seems to be true in my case. As they say, “your mileage may vary.”

I have also listened to some of those who use alternative methods, but they do not seem to report the same spectacular results as HRM does, so I think that being a meditator is important in this.

HBI offers the most effective material in this area, and they have a special package at a greatly reduced price that actually gives you everything you need in one package.

It’s called Awakening Dimensional Consciousness, and I can tell you from my own personal experience that their material works much better and much faster than other methods I have tried, and I have tried some of the biggest names out there with moderate results. When I started to use the HBI material, I noticed results much faster and stronger, and I’m still making headway. Then, when I added this to my sungazing practice, it has made the results from sungazing come faster and stronger than they otherwise would have, of that I’m sure.

This is a special deal that most people don’t know about and I don’t know how much longer it will stay up. Please see some of my other spiritual blog posts for samples of HBI material, and I think you’ll agree that this stuff is utterly amazing.

This is a special “secret page” that I am linking you too, as the normal prices they charge for the material are much higher. But, this is a COMPLETE PACKAGE and you really don’t need any other material from them if you don’t want to. This package can get you up and running very fast, and then you, too, can maximize your sungazing and meditation results.

Anyway, that’s all I can suggest to you for now if you are really serious about raising your tonal and evolving into an ascended being, perhaps in this lifetime instead of waiting for another one.

So, click on this link right now to grab this deal before it is withdrawn, or, if you’re skeptical, check out their free videos linked to many of my spiritual posts, including part 3 of the exciting Yorktown series to which you can now find all of the links in today’s post.

Have a great day and I wish all of you a great spiritual awakening!


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