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New Med Mix

Here is a new meditation mix for your enjoyment.  Download it now before it is deleted.



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Raise Human Consciousness in 5 Minutes

I have just uploaded a new podcast in the Mind Mexhanix series that explains how you can raise your consciousness and increase your intelligence with a special meditation that only takes 5 minutes a day.

You can even teach this to your grandmother.  It’s easy to do and by spreading the word you will help to raise the consciousness of all of humanity.  Each of us effects hundreds if not thousands of people around us, so, if this is spread around enough it could raise the consciousness of all humanity.

See it in the Mind Mechanix series on our podcast page.



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Readers of my SuccessQuest blog will have noticed that I have stopped posting the show each week. I have some backed up in the archive, but I want to just mention that in the last few weeks I have had major shifts in consciousness, so some of what I said even a month or two ago I might not totally agree with anymore, yet, I am going to go ahead and release the next episode later today after having said this.

My understanding of things has been increasing at such a rapid pace that I can hardly keep up. I have to give thanks to Dave for his help and support as well as telling me to listen to Ekhart Tolle and a few others. In one of the unreleased programs I made the statement that “the only thing we deserve is death.” Depending on how you look at that statement, it may be true, but I no longer wish to make such harsh comments nor do I agree with some of my comments that I made not more than two months ago, that is how far my thinking has advanced in that time.

I would also announce that I am starting a new program, tentatively called “Mind Mechanix” to go along with our Reciprocal Dynamics website, but which I am also going to syndicate on our SuccessQuest blog and site and I’ll be posting the SuccessQuest show to that page. So stay tuned as our first episode for the new program will be on meditation and other spiritual topics.

Many people meditate today for stress relief and for other health reasons. Meditation is very good for that. I can tell you personally that were it not for meditation, the past year’s trials would have driven me insane. But meditation helps us to have a proper perspective on life.

I am also going to be working on other related materials to help you meditate better. And, unlike others, I am going to release this material free of charge so you can all benefit from it.

But, please don’t misunderstand. We are going to be releasing material that others charge hundreds of dollars for, and my time and effort to produce this material costs me a lot, so, if this material benefits you, please consider donating.

Thank you and happy meditations!



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Killing Parasite with Frequency

If you enjoyed this, we have a whole [page on our website devoted to frequencies and the amazing things they can do.  Click here to go to that page.


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Once Forbidden Circulation Remedy Improves Blood Flow in Just Two Hours

The Discovery of Nattokinase

Doctor Hiroyuki Sumi had long researched thrombolytic enzymes searching
for a natural agent that could successfully dissolve thrombus
associated with cardiac and cerebral infarction (blood clots associated
with heart attacks and stroke). Sumi discovered nattokinase in 1980
while working as a researcher and
majoring in physiological chemistry at Chicago University Medical
School. After testing over 173 natural foods as potential thrombolytic
agents, Sumi found what he was looking for when Natto was dropped onto
artificial thrombus (fibrin) in a Petri dish and allowed it to stand at
37 C (approximately body temperature)

. The thrombus around the natto
dissolved gradually and had completely dissolved within 18 hours. Sumi
named the newly discovered enzyme “nattokinase”, which means “enzyme in
natto”. Sumi commented that nattokinase showed “a potency matched by no
other enzyme.” 1
This article explains all the benefits, but doesnt
tell you that its nattokinase (something you can
buy at most health food stores)
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I Almost Died Last Week

This is just a quick entry to let you know where I have been and why I haven’t been posting.


I have been very ill for about 5 weeks now. It turns out the problem was gangrene. If I knew how serious it was when it started I would have given it more attention but it seemed like a regular infection at first so I didn’t give it much thought.

After about 2 weeks I began to get very sick, but I still didn’t make the connection. However, a couple of weeks ago I got so ill I almost died. I started taking mms1 and that helped me out a bit, as mms will kill almost anything including gangrene if given a chance.

Unfortunately, even though the mms was helping, I was too sick to deal with its side effects very well.

I then learned how to properly apply bentonite clay, which also cures gangrene, to my foot. My foot was hardly swollen at all before this, but it swelled up like a balloon as the bentonite worked to pull out the poison from my foot. But the whole process was making me sicker even though it was killing the cause.

So, in desperation a week ago Tuesday I made sure I had someone in the house to watch me, and took an mms2 capsule with about half the recommended dose as a precaution.

Well, if mms1 is like a stick of dynamite mms2 is like an atomic bomb in comparison, it’s that much stronger. I was told by an mms practitioner to make sure and drink lots of water after taking it.

Within about 20 minutes of taking it I could feel it moving through my body and killing massive amounts of the pathogens. Unfortunately, I was already so weak and dehydrated that no matter how much water I drank I couldn’t stop the thirst.

I got weaker and weaker, and finally by 6 pm I went to the bathroom and when I came out I collapsed on the floor by the door and couldn’t get back up.

Fortunately, my friend was here and he barely managed to drag me to his car and rush me to an emergency room where they re-hydrated me and saved my life. They then took me for 3 xrays and had a doctor look at it.

I was then told that I needed immediate surgery or I was going to die. This was a private hospital here in Costa Rica, so I was not able to afford the surgery there, so I was transferred to the nearest public hospital. It took 4 hours of waiting until 4 am to see a doctor there, and he looked at my foot and looked at the xrays and also said I needed immediate surgery.

As they had no bed for me, they laid me down on an examination table, put an IV in my arm, and left me there until about 10 am when I got a shower and change of clothes. Right after that I was taken to my first surgery.

They first amputated my foot so they could observe to see if the infection had spread into my leg. The doctor saw that it had not, so they scheduled a second surgery and amputated my leg below the knee so that I could walk again someday with a prosthesis.

I was in the hospital for a week, and it was a very harrowing experience. Unfortunately I essentially live alone and can’t afford the kind of help I need for now so I am looking for some kind of place to go where they make my food and have help when I need it day and night. So far I haven’t found one of those yet either.

This was probably caused by a temporary flare up of my diabetes, but there is also the remote possibility this was caused by sungazing without walking barefoot, as I was up to about 35-40 minutes. I could actually feel the sun fighting the infection but it was not enough to save me from this. I have stopped sungazing indefinitely while I sort things out.



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Sungazing and a Healing Crisis?

will be sending this post on to the HRM sungazing yahoo group to see if anyone has an insight on this.


About a week ago, when I got back from work, I was astonished to find that all the callouses on my left foot had literally exploded. There was blood on my sock, but there was no pain. The stuff that actually looked like blood was actually some kind of puss that had drained out.


I have known for several years that there was a deep seated systemic infection of my body that all attempts to get rid of have failed to eradicate. I have tried colloidal silver, etc., all to no avail. This infection seems to be related somehow to my allergy problems that I have also had since childhood. Sometimes a symptom seems like an allergy attack, while at others it seems like an infection. If I take colloidal silver and it’s an infection, I get a reaction. If I don’t get a reaction, then I know it is more related to my allergies.


For some time now, while sungazing, I have had watery eyes for a while, which I was attributing to allergies being drained from my system. The end of December is the worst time for my allergies of the whole year, and the last 5 years or so I have had crippling swelling in the mouth and gums as well as other very severe problems. It seems that they are allergy related because it comes during the transition to the dry season, at which time lots of plants suddenly begin to bloom.


However, last year I had these symptoms for about 3 months instead of just the last two weeks of December, and I had many other problems last year including my whole right hand side of my face swelling up. It also has effected my left eye, which the eye doctor said was a result of the swelling constricting the blood vessels into the eye, blurring my vision.


And it didn’t stop at the end of December last year like it usually does, and was only at the end of February last year that it became obvious something was terribly wrong.


So, I started on a diet. By April it was vegetarian and since May it has been mostly vegan. Now, just today, I have started a raw food diet to knock out these problems and cleanse my system. I am expecting this healing crisis to get worse before it gets better, but I need to get rid of these problems once and for all.


If anyone has any experience with sungazing causing a healing crisis, please let me know, as I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in this.



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