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Be Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull

My mentor told me to watch the movie, but I couldn’t find a good version.  However, I found this fantastic dramatic reading of the book.

I read this book a long time ago in the ’70’s when it came out.  Sure wish I had listened to it then.  Would have saved me a lot of years of going nowhere.  Now, I am on the spiritual path again. Let’s all make this our New Year’s resolution.  That this will be the year that we change ourselves.  Blessings and peace to you all.  Enjoy.

Here is a Neil Diamond song from the movie

Now here is a great dramatic reading of the book.  It isn’t long.  Make a resolution to read it before New Year’s day.  Plan your life around your spirituality, not your spirituality around your life and all will be well with you.

Peace again and blessings for a great New Year and a great New Beginning.

Hear is part 2:

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Christian the Lion

Here is the heartwarming story about a lion and the love that two men had for him.  This first video is the clip that has stormed the interent.

This next one is the full documentary.  I watched it and can think of no better story to tell right now.  It shows what love can do.


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The Solution to Human Problems

I need to say something at this important juncture. No, the world did not end today. But yes, I believe we are at a time of new beginnings.

People are sick and tired of the same old stuff that has been going on here for thousands of years. War, competition, strife, all of it stems from a form of mental illness mankind suffers from called EGO.

The egoic mind is the problem. That’s the “little voice in your head,” that is always preoccupied with “my story,” what’s going to happen to me? He did that to me. I’m so angry because of what they did. What are the neighbors going to think? And on and on it goes seemingly without end.

We don’t seem to understand that this egoic self which we confuse with our real self, and that is constantly chattering all the time in our heads is part of the problem. In fact, it is the problem.

At this juncture in our history, we need to wake up to who we really are. We need to get in touch with our true selves. We need to understand who and what we really are.

Gurus have said it for thousands of years. They have told us that the only time is NOW, the present moment. The past, the future – they are all illusions that don’t exist. NOW is the only time that you have. This moment is the only moment that you have ever had or ever will have.

But you see, the ego NEEDS a “future” to look forward to, as if NOW is not good enough for it, or a past to look back on, feel bad about, good about, etc., or maybe even long to return to. “Then I was happy” your ego might be saying. “I wish I could go back there…..” As if today and this moment are not good enough, but, you see the ego NEEDS that to be the case. If now was good enough, you might wake up out of your long sleep and realize who and what you really are, and that most certainly would NOT do, now, would it?

So, the human race continues to chase it’s tail. We want MORE, we want to SUPER SIZE IT, we think that TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER, or, even, IT’LL BE BETTER WHEN I GET TO HEAVEN. It just goes on and on.

What we need to do is still ourselves. Be in the present moment. Savor the present moment. Stop that incessant chattering and listen to our true selves. Most of us never really hear our true selves, because that presence only comes about when the chattering ceases. When we are still and quiet, that is when we find out who and what we really are. If we can observe ourselves, then we have begun down the right road.

And that is the purpose of meditation. It helps us to expand the gaps. To be quiet, and to listen for that “still small voice” that is our true selves. I have posted an introduction to meditation, a guided meditation, and a tone meditation in our Mind Mechanix podcast series.

So, why don’t you take a break from rushing around. The world didn’t end today. But, we can start a new world beginning today. A world of joy, peace, and happiness. Isn’t it funny that you can have all of that in the present moment through meditation? You don’t “have to wait until…..” at all. You can have joy, peace, and happiness in your life today if you just listen.

They say that this is one of the most stressful times of the year. Everyone is rushing around getting ready for the big holiday, which usually only leads to disappointment, bitterness and depression. What should be the happiest day of the year turns out just the opposite for so many.

There is more depression and suicide at this time of the year than any other. That is a manifestation of the ego and of the pain body. What you should do is spend some time on yourself at this season in these days. It will be an investment in yourself that will pay you dividends for years to come. So listen to those podcasts and begin to meditate today. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this before or if you’ve done it for 30 years, you will find that my methods work well regardless, and just may free you from all of your stress and anxiety. Or, at least you may avoid that heart attack that is threatening to strike you because of all this stress.

Also, if you’re so inclined, you can join Eric Pepin in a series of guided meditations over the next two days every three hours of so. This is a pivotal time for our planet, and if you missed his earlier messages on THE BOUNCE BACK, then you can listen to them now to get yourself up to speed while you are waiting for the live event. You may join Eric at this link to join in with people who are doing something about the mess this world is in with a concentrated effort over the next two days. I plan to listen in and participate in as many of these as I can, because I believe in what he is trying to accomplish for our planet. So click here to go to this special page.



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Learn to Fold Space


A few days ago I created a podcast on the paranormal. In that I briefly introduced the subject of Navigators and navigation, and mentioned how in the movie Dune, they didn’t use warp engines to cross the galaxy from one planet to another, they used humans who had become more highly evolved called Navigators.

It is actually possible for you to become a Navigator, but of course to reach this highly evolved spiritual state will take some time as well as remembering your ancient memories. If you haven’t already listened to the Paranormal podcast in our Mind Mechanix series, I suggest you do so at the link on our blog.

You, too, can become a Navigator and learn to fold space, but you must first start with the basics. To get started, listen to our podcasts in the Mind Mechanix series, and also start following the work of Eric Pepin of the Higher Balance Institute. Just this week he has done a lot of training, so if you want to have a look, click here.

 Meanwhile, here is a brief 3 minute video from Dune that shows you what it might be like. I described this scene in my recent podcast:

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New Meditation Mix

Meditaiton Mix 2

We have just uploaded a new meditation mix called Prophetic Alchemie. It is Availble at the following link:

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A few days ago I uploaded a podcast on the paranormal to the Mind Mechanics series that you can find by clicking on the podcast page.

What are ghosts?  Do vampires really exist?  How about immortals?  The “little people?”

I answer these and many more questions in this exciting podcast.

Also, please note that it often takes me a few days to make these announcements, so you should make a habit of checking out our podcast page every once in a while as you may get a surprise.

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1 st Meditation Mix

We have just uploaded our first mediation for your enjoyment.  This will be a little long for newbies, but when you are finished, just finish the meditation as the Guided Meditation instructed you to.  If you are more experienced you can follow this to the end.

Happy meditation!

NOTE, This mix was made by one of our members.  We will soon have a forum where you can place links to your own mixes.  You can use 2 shared for easy uploading and downloading of the mixes.



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