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Raise Human Consciousness in 5 Minutes

I have just uploaded a new podcast in the Mind Mexhanix series that explains how you can raise your consciousness and increase your intelligence with a special meditation that only takes 5 minutes a day.

You can even teach this to your grandmother.  It’s easy to do and by spreading the word you will help to raise the consciousness of all of humanity.  Each of us effects hundreds if not thousands of people around us, so, if this is spread around enough it could raise the consciousness of all humanity.

See it in the Mind Mechanix series on our podcast page.



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Success Lesson 7

We continue where we left off last time in our study of Wallace Wattle’s book, the Science of Getting Rich.  You can find it in our SuccessQuest Podcast.

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Guided Meditation

Our first guided meditation to help you attain multidimensional consciousness had just been uploaded to our Mind Mechanix Podcast.  Visit our podcast page now to listen.



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Today we have our first Mind Mechanix podcast, where we are gong to talk about seeing auras, seeing energy in the air, and mediation.  Next week we plan to upload a guided meditation, but you should listen to this program first.  You can find this on our podcast page.

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Readers of my SuccessQuest blog will have noticed that I have stopped posting the show each week. I have some backed up in the archive, but I want to just mention that in the last few weeks I have had major shifts in consciousness, so some of what I said even a month or two ago I might not totally agree with anymore, yet, I am going to go ahead and release the next episode later today after having said this.

My understanding of things has been increasing at such a rapid pace that I can hardly keep up. I have to give thanks to Dave for his help and support as well as telling me to listen to Ekhart Tolle and a few others. In one of the unreleased programs I made the statement that “the only thing we deserve is death.” Depending on how you look at that statement, it may be true, but I no longer wish to make such harsh comments nor do I agree with some of my comments that I made not more than two months ago, that is how far my thinking has advanced in that time.

I would also announce that I am starting a new program, tentatively called “Mind Mechanix” to go along with our Reciprocal Dynamics website, but which I am also going to syndicate on our SuccessQuest blog and site and I’ll be posting the SuccessQuest show to that page. So stay tuned as our first episode for the new program will be on meditation and other spiritual topics.

Many people meditate today for stress relief and for other health reasons. Meditation is very good for that. I can tell you personally that were it not for meditation, the past year’s trials would have driven me insane. But meditation helps us to have a proper perspective on life.

I am also going to be working on other related materials to help you meditate better. And, unlike others, I am going to release this material free of charge so you can all benefit from it.

But, please don’t misunderstand. We are going to be releasing material that others charge hundreds of dollars for, and my time and effort to produce this material costs me a lot, so, if this material benefits you, please consider donating.

Thank you and happy meditations!



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Success Lesson 6

Right now we are uploading our latest Success Lesson in our podcast series of lessons on how to become the success in life you deserve.  Check it out.


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Nature of Consciousness

NOTE:  This will be one of the last posts I’m going to cross post between here and Reciprocal Dynamics.  You can find our new site in the links to the right.  Enjoy!

I needed to interrupt my regular routine this morning to write this down before the thoughts dissolve, as is the case with spiritual things. I think you will find this interesting.

When I was a kid, not sure what age, I wrote this story called The Plantans. In this story the plantans were, as you would guess, a mixture of plant and animal. They could take in their nourishment from the sun as plants can but they were able to walk around like animals.

I don’t know if this story was because I read a book about the same time called Plants Are People Too, but it probably was although I don’t remember.

The premise of that book is that plants are in communication with each other. If you cut the grass outside, the plants in the house sense this and react to it. In other words, members of the plant kingdom seem to have a sense about what is happening to all other plants, and probably all other life now that I think of it. I also came to the conclusion that whereas we humans have a central nervous system plants have a decentralized nervous system, whereby they all share thoughts through their conscious commonality.

Years later, through my studies in spirituality, I have now come to the same conclusions but with more insight. It has often been said that we all live in a grand illusion, called The Matrix. This illusionary world is not the real world, but is a grand illusion. I have also learned that dogs, cats, and other animals exist in the continuous now. They don’t have a conscious mind to think like we do. They simply exist in the continuous now of consciousness. This, by the way, is why people find pets to be so therapeutic.

Your dog is happy to see you when you come home. It doesn’t care what you have done or who you are. You could be the bag lady pushing her shopping cart taking her little dog with her, or you could be a millionaire in a big fancy house. Your dog doesn’t care about these things. It simply recognizes you as you, wags it’s tail, and says hello. It sees and accepts the real you without pretensions, and that is what is so wonderful about them. They make no judgments and just recognize and accept you for you, not who you pretend to be all day.

While we are petting our dog and concentrating on it, we are drawn as well into the now, because this conscious now is like a bubble that surrounds the dog, and we are drawn into it for a moment, and don’t care about the worries of daily life. The dog just is and so are we. For a wonderful brief moment we are drawn into the now with the dog, and we are at peace with ourself and with life, if but for that brief moment of joy and peace.

The conscious mind is a creation of humans. It has become such a convincing illusion that we think that we are it. The conscious mind has created many egos that we falsely think are aspects of ourselves, and we actually have many of these different I’s that grab our minds for long or brief moments. When we are hungry, a hunger I takes over and we start looking for food. Animals also have a few of these I’s as well. Hunger, thirst, and other basic things that animals want and need for survival take over their minds for the moment. But, in animals, once the I of the moment has been satisfied, it is a while before the next one surfaces, so the animal returns to the now of consciousness until the next I takes over to address the next physical need. This is why animals such as dogs and cats seem to sleep most of the day away. Most of the time they are simply content to be in the now, at one with the joy of conscious awareness. The I’s are a survival mechanism that helps keep the animal alive. However, humans have created bigger I’s that are actually aware of themselves. We have our work I, we have our I as a father and mother, and so on.

As these I’s appear in our minds, we are deceived into thinking that we are those I’s. A spiritual person on a spiritual path will recognize these I’s for what they are and will not think that THEY are the I. They will simply realize that the I is an aspect, or a manifestation of them, but is not them, who they truly are.

The animal brain is not developed enough to have attained what we humans falsely call self awareness or consciousness. Because it hasn’t bought into this illusion of mind, it is still connected to the universal consciousness of the universe. It exists in the NOW, which is what spiritual masters down through history have striven to reach. The animal, and more so the plants, are naturally there and connected to the universal consciousness of the universe. It is only an illusion that we humans are separate, but we have such a strong identity with this false self that it dominates us and we think that is who we really are and we also have the illusion that we are separate from creation when we are actually just a part of it.

As readers of my SuccessQuest blog will recall, I have studied into bretharianism and also into sun gazing. I had attained a state of being able to gaze at the sun for about 40 minutes at a time before I had my incident with my leg. I am convinced now that if I had been further along, this would not have happened, but I was close to that and close to enlightenment when I got the problem with my foot and was forced to have it amputated.

But the point of all this is that eventually sun gazers are given a choice as to whether or not they want to continue eating or not. In fact, my hunger had already greatly diminished by this point and I was starting to experience that in myself. Eventually, though, you reach a point where you can make the choice to quit eating. Most people falsely think this is because you are absorbing all of your energy for life from the sun, but that is not true. As I have also discussed in the past on some of my podcasts, the DNA in each of our cells closely resembles a Tesla coil. This coil can pull energy directly from the vacuum or the Universe if you will. Thus, each one of our cells can get it’s energy directly from the universe instead of from food. This is the same mechanism that the cells of a bretharian will learn, but that road is longer and harder than sun gazing. I also discussed in my Success Lessons the principle of super conductivity and the ORMUS, so if you have not heard those lessons, I suggest you do so. The podcasts are available through my SucceQuest blog.

The sun gazing and bretharianism actually make changes to the DNA, meaning it can now draw energy into each cell from the vacuum. The ORMUS can help in this process, but it is a help only, not a means in itself as some ancient people began to think. [This is also the idea behind the “magnetic pill” that Richard sells, although he does not share with his followers what they are doing. I believe you should be in full knowledge of what you are doing and make your own decisions as to whether you want to do it or not. I may think it’s good for you, but I don’t believe in sneaking something on you in this way.]

The ORMUS turns the body into a super conductor, and matter so changed has what some might consider to be miraculous properties. When turned into a superconductor, matter takes on special properties, which may be one reason that some monks down through history have been known to float, as this state can neutralize gravity, although a state of blissfulness generated from being In Between can do the same and more.

I am very close to reaching these enlightened states myself, and the word enlightened has an interesting meaning itself if you think on it. In fact, I would be enlightened by now if I had not fallen severely ill and almost died. However, in that respect, David has assured me that my physical body could not have survived were it not for being almost enlightened already, but at this point I will just have to take his word for it, although just a few short months ago I was still near death after recovering in one way after another. Also, some miraculous events occurred while I was in the hospital, which only leads me to the conclusion that the Universe brought me back from the dead. So, in a way, the fact that I am still alive is a slow motion resurrection if you will.

Anyway, the main point here is that you need to strive for consciousness. Consciousness is the gap between thoughts, the ever present now. It is a misnomer that Indian sages have said that you need to obtain non thought. This is a mistranslation. What they meant was that you must quiet your mind. You must stop the constant chatter of your conscious mind and tune into the non thought that emanates from who you really are, your spiritual center, which is plugged into your body at the heart chakra. This type of thought comes from your higher self and is not the type of thought that your mind chatter produces. It is true thought, Universal Consciousness.

What I find interesting is that with all of his pretensions, vanity, and ego, mankind is returning to the state of being that plants already enjoy. They are totally connected to the universe. They draw their energy out of the universe. Their thoughts are united with the One already and with each other. They don’t know separation as we animals know separation and which man knows most of all and deludes himself into thinking that the illusion is reality. So, in the end, I guess we will return to a more ideal state of being one with all.



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