Personal Update

26 Apr

It’s been some time since I wrote a personal update. So here is a brief synopsis of what I’m up to.

Last week I had my long awaited appointment with the ophthalmologist to see what is wrong with my left eye. It has been acting up for about 2 years now or more, but I didn’t go to the doctor until last week. It also took about a month and a half to get the appointment.

Anyway, I have some burst blood vessels in the left eye that is causing the problem, and it was caused by the diabetes as I expected. Since the diabetes is now under control, it isn’t getting any worse, but to fix the damage will require an eye injection and some laser surgery.

I am not sure I want to do this because the sungazing was healing the eye, but since I stopped sungazing in January it has gotten worse again. But, since I am now fairly sure that all of my problems are attributed to diabetes, I may start sungazing again, but I have to think this over long and hard since I can’t walk barefoot on bare earth, especially now.

I suppose the sudden problem in my foot could still have been caused by sungazing, but all the evidence seems to point to diabetes as the most likely cause. I think going off of my diet while I was working made the diabetes get bad again, which is what caused the bad chain of events.

Meanwhile, since I am confined to a wheelchair every day all day now, I have plenty of time to read. The latest book I’ve been reading is The Holographic Universe. I originally started reading it as research on a book I’m writing on success.

Seriously, I now understand why the law of attraction works. Simply put, all things are possible if you will only believe, just like the Bible says. Sadly, I think we have totally missed the message, and instead covered it all up with religious nonsense all of these years. However, I believe an awakening is already happening, and this will lead to a better world.

In fact, since time is merely an illusion, that better world is already here. See my upcoming book for more exciting details when I bring it out.

Well, that’s about all I know for now. Have a great week.


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