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Coaching and Hypnosis

Why I am changing to the coaching model and de-emphasizing the hypnosis model.


As a hypnotherapist of many years’ experience, I have watched as many patients transformed their lives an achieved goals they never thought they would ever achieve.

I have watched as smokers of many years have kicked the habit. I have observed people overcome many problems through the miracle of hypnotherapy. It is truly amazing indeed and gives me untold pleasure to watch these patients recover and improve.

But, as a hypnotherapist I can only see maybe 4-6 people per day, and since I am semi retired I don’t really want to see even half that many. And, when you add in the fact that we have lost our beautiful facility in Escazu, I decided it was time to make a drastic change for the better.

As many of you already know, I have in the past year added coaching to our list of available services. Unfortunately, coaching is a fairly new activity and not too many people understand the model yet – especially since there is much disagreement among the practitioners themselves.

Coaching, simply put, is a model for dealing with patients where they are and guiding them to where they want to be in life. Of course, since I am also a hypnotherapist, I can add an extra dimension to this that most coaches lack.

The ordinary coach, when confronted by a huge problem in their patient’s life, is equipped to deal with people through the conscious mind and will. As you already know if you’ve read my hypnosis pre-talk, this has certain limitations. However, by combining the worlds of hypnotherapy with that of coaching, I am able to break through these roadblocks much faster than an ordinary coach. Thus, the results of my coaching programs are much faster and better than the results obtained through ordinary coaching.

In other words, if we hit a roadblock in your progress, we can smash through it with a hypnosis session or two, whereas with another coach you world be stuck at the roadblock.

Another concern of mine has been the time constraints placed on me by continuing to see patients in person. This has become a very time consuming activity, and by consulting with people over the phone or skype as in coaching, I can help a lot more people than I otherwise could.

Finally, there is the high cost involved. For those not familiar with either hypnosis or coaching, both are very expensive and way beyond the reach of the average person. Rates are now at between $250-500.00/ hour. Although I have reduced these rates for Costa Rica, they are still higher than what the average person can pay.

To address this, I now have two options. One can take the traditional coaching model with regular telephonic contact, or, if one prefers I now have a new model where I will agree to answer up to one email per day Monday-Thursday for an affordable price that all can afford [price depends on subject matter covered.] You will receive e-books, pre-recoorded hypnosis sessions, and all of the same materials my regular coaching clients receive, but, because we are communicating via daily email, it is much cheaper to go this route than the traditional coaching route.

So, with these new options, coaching and hypnosis is now available to everyone who wants to change their lives!

You may find us at:


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Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m still alive.


I have a doctor’s appointment at 7:30 AM tomorrow, a fact that I most certainly do not like, but there’s noting I can do about it. I had one at a reasonable time this coming Friday, but the clinic called and rescheduled. I think this was done to accommodate the doctor who did the surgery, as I think he is the guest doctor there.


So, I guess I’m going to have my leg looked at by the surgeon who did it so I guess I can’t complain too much, although I think he is intending to take the stitches out but it is infected so we will see what he says.


In other news, I have decided to pursue my business as a coach. I can coach others in a wide variety of topics. See my coaching site at:


I was originally going to resell PLR books, audios, and videos, but this latest crisis has helped me to focus more on just what my unique skill set is. While I like publishing information, I so much prefer helping other people to success and that is what coaching is all about. So, while I have lots of time on my hands, we are going to launch the coaching business.


Well, that’s all I know for now and wish me luck.



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A Major Crossroads

I find myself at a major crossroads. The sungazing was correcting whatever the problem is with my left eye, albeit slowly. Since I have suspended sungazing, I find that it is reverting back to the way it was.

My world has also shrunk to my desk and my bed, and even though they are only about 2 feet apart, it is very hard to move from one to the other and also dangerous as my desk chair is unstable. Also, if I don’t have help I don’t eat and going to the bathroom is an ordeal.

I have the task this afternoon to call a list of assisted care facilities here in Costa Rica, as it would be better at this point to have help with my meals and going to the bathroom, etc., around the clock rather than the limits I have now with only having a maid for 4 hours per day.

It also doesn’t help that I have virtually no income and dwindling savings.

I really don’t know what the future holds, but my world has shrunk considerably, I can’t even pet my dog because of risk of infection, etc. My poor old dog is 15 years old and can’t understand why I am not with him as I usually am. I can only watch him from afar with sadness at his predicament as well as mine.

I may be off the net for a time when I move. I will update as I am able.

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