New Video: How true non-thought alters reality

06 Oct

In silence, through the still consciousness… all things cease.

Within this place, once you can achieve it, and you can move without
thought, you can change, shape and create reality.

There is a method to achieving this process. A “formula” you can practice,
work with, and perfect. This is the journey “home”. The place we all
spiritually yearn for.

In the second part of the Yorktown, Virginia session the whole texture of the event changes as Eric Pepin and all the participants quickly accelerate into deep, deep waters. They leave the surface waters of the first video far behind, delving into the real heart of the journey within.

When you’re watching this series you might notice a moment when the
cameraman gets real fidgety. You can hear him rustling and moving around.
If you’re like us you might even say out loud, “C’mon, settle down a bit!”

Then the whole audience shifts and there’s a noticeable charge. A real
jolt of energy you can feel jump right off the screen. Suddenly, the
cameraman goes perfectly still. It’s at that moment the whole video really
takes off. Go ahead and look for the moment, see if you can catch it!

Part II of the Yorktown session is so different it could almost be a
separate event but it’s all in the same sitting! This intimate, quietly
profound conversation takes some surprising, but wonderful turns,
discussing things like:

  • How a true heart, with intent and humbleness, creates reality
  • Allowing the Universe through trust and letting go, to put you together perfectly
  • How a lot of “New Age” thought is too focused on “feels good”, fancy terms, and physical gratification which misses the real meaning of spiritual development
  • Slipstreaming your consciousness into dimensional space with awareness
  • Why Higher Balance meditation isn’t really meditation as much as it’s an operating system of consciousness
  • A whole other level to the Higher Balance meditation on how it works, why and what you can do with all the different energy you gather from it
  • Tastes, teasers and bits of predicting the future, 2012, and more
  • Plus, the formula you use to approach God

We know, that’s an awful lot and this is all the same event as Part I: Lessons
in dreams, parallel lives and more.

Most of you probably want to go right to the formula. We’ll be honest
right up front, it sounds really simple but the truth is it’s a very
complicated yet profound process. Let’s face it, if awakening was truly
easy, everyone would do it.

Worse still, more of us could do it but we lack all the proper tools we
need. Even worse, once we have the right tools, most lack the consistency
and commitment to make it happen!

What are you to do? Well, first things first… watch the video!

Part II of the Yorktown, Virginia session is a great ride.
You don’t even need to have watched the first part to get a lot out of
this. That means if you’re just tuning in, go ahead and hit play

P.S. Want to know how you can understand the secrets and workings of the
Universe through a pineapple upside-down cake? As crazy as it sounds…
it’s all here.

P.P.S More still, Eric Pepin hints at what one of the shockwaves to global
conciousness will be in the near future. Here’s a hint… it has to do with-,
oh just go watch it now.

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