Beyond This Realm of Reality

05 Oct

Did you try any of the sixth sense experiments yesterday?
With those experiments you can begin to control, with your mind and the sixth sense, the different games. The outcome of the experiments are completely 1,000% random. It’s an amazing feat of techno-geek-etry the programs run off random numbers generated by decaying radioactive material, which is monitored and then fed into the computer.

Using your sixth sense YOU can begin to practice controlling the outcome of this random, chaotic pattern into something beyond chance.

Go ahead and try your hand here, if you haven’t already:

Now, if you have already tried your hand at controlling the future, here’s some tips to think about.


Don’t keep reading if you haven’t tried the experiments! You don’t want to spoil the fun.

First, try each of the experiments and log, or write down, your results. This gives you something to compare.  At the end when it tallies your score, you want to pay attention to the significance. This tells you how far from random the result truly is. When it describes the chance of it randomly occurring, the higher is the better.

For example, if it tells you a chance of your result occurring can be expected every 5 runs… that isn’t too out of the ordinary. That means 1 out of every 5 times the same result would happen if you did nothing at all.
Let’s walk through one experiment and look at some things to try and improve your performance. This will also give you some clues on how the sixth sense, as a sensory and ultimately the bridge to dimensional consciousness, operates.

Ready to get some sixth sense secrets? Let’s go:

P.S. The sixth sense is the missing link to true spiritual awareness. By practicing and activating the sixth sense you can accelerate awakening. It is not an end, it is a means to an end. Don’t overlook this mysterious secret key given to you by the Universe. It’s an evolutionary backdoor to Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

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