Test Your 6th Sense

04 Oct

Can a sixth sense exist and is it the missing link that mystics have used to gain access to dimensional worlds and knowledge themselves?

Birds follow magnetic fields. How many humans do you know who can follow magnetic fields? Are birds any smarter than humans? Researchers have found that pets can anticipate when their owners are coming home… even if the arrival is unscheduled and planned at random. Scientists are finding more cases and reasons to believe there is another sense beyond our known five that we have yet to understand.

Another sense; a sixth sense.

Like many things, the sixth sense can improve with practice. There are ways to activate and enhance it. Like a muscle you’ve never used, this can be difficult at first. Evolution accidentally shelved the sixth sense, making it dormant.

There are fun and effective ways of ‘working out’ your sixth sense.

If you want to test your sixth sense skill and see if you can improve it… follow the link below to try out some online sixth sense games.

There are secrets to improving your results, and your sixth sense. See if you find a few then we’ll talk about some extra tips to try. Once you get good at one ability with your sixth sense it becomes easier to do more with it!

Find out more by clicking here.


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Posted by on October 4, 2011 in Spiritual


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