Lessons in dreams, parallel lives, and more

03 Oct

Does growth have to be hard? Lessons in dreams, parallel lives, being a spiritual tuning rod, introduction to “feels like”, and how to talk the language of the Universe in vibrations and frequencies using intent…
What do all those things have in common?

They are all topics discussed in an entertaining yet engaging, cozy, fireside-chat-style event in the newly released video from the 2007 Higher Balance Road Trip. This special stop on the road trip across the US occurred in Yorktown, Virginia.

It’s the first Road Tour Higher Balance has ever done and this is the first, exclusive release and sneak peek at what went on!

The entire video is almost 180 minutes spanning a vast range of topics ranging from the far out to the practical. That’s so much time they had to split it up into 3 parts!

You can watch Part I now which shows…

Why hard lessons in life can be blessings in disguise to promote growth
* When dreams have a chance to hold more meaning and when they’re more likely brain babble
* Why all species on the planet sleep and what it does for Gaia
* Parallel lives and a little taste of karma
* The duality of spiritual people, our role and purpose
* Helping life move into the Universe and being spiritual tuning rods
* Introduction into the special sensory of “feels like” and how it helps you communicate to a Universe that speaks in a language of vibration and frequency
* And so much more… this is all just Part I!

I have arranged for my readers to get a free view of this fantastic presentation.

Go ahead and watch Part I of the a 3 part series… it’s showing now at



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