Coaching for Your Success!

28 May

This is just a quick note to let you know that our group of Success and Self Improvement sites has been massively updated with lots of new resources and possibilities.

First off, our site Coaching Costa Rica has a lot more resources and options available now than ever before. We offer all different forms of coaching, including life coaching, goal setting, business development, sales mastery, spiritual development using the most advanced meditation techniques, etc. You can now order personal one on one sessions, conducted in person if you are in Costa Rica, or by phone or Skype for the rest of the world. You can combine this with personalized hypnosis sessions to rocket your success to the top in whatever area you of life you want to improve in.

We will soon be offering a new form of coaching program for those who are either too busy or can’t afford the traditional personalized coaching mode. This new series is under development as I write these lines, and if you have any special requests in this area just let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

Simply put, this exciting new mode of coaching will give you one or several e-books or online courses to read, covering the subject area you want to improve in, along with the right to ask personalized questions of me once per day Monday through Thursday through Private Messages through a special member account in our online forum.

This mode of operation will work best, as I said above, for those who are either too busy to attend to a live weekly coaching session, or can’t afford the more costly mode of coaching via telephone or skype. You will also receive at least one pre-recorded hypnosis session, and sometimes more, to help cement your achievement of your goals. This news has not been announced yet, although I am posting a copy of this message to my blogs and the forum today.

To find out what coaching and hypnosis can do for your life, check out our revised site at:

We are also doing considerable work on our SuccessQuest blog and SuccessQuest forum, the goals of which are to help rocket your success to wherever it is you want to go.

Check out these exciting resources at the links below:

SuccessQuest Blog:

SuccessQuest Resources and Forum:

At the very least, drop by all 3 sites and have a look around, as there is a ton of FREE material at each of these sites giving you valuable information on a wide variety of topics.

I look forward to seeing you on the forum and our other sites.


To your success!

John Allen

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