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Coaching for Your Success!

This is just a quick note to let you know that our group of Success and Self Improvement sites has been massively updated with lots of new resources and possibilities.

First off, our site Coaching Costa Rica has a lot more resources and options available now than ever before. We offer all different forms of coaching, including life coaching, goal setting, business development, sales mastery, spiritual development using the most advanced meditation techniques, etc. You can now order personal one on one sessions, conducted in person if you are in Costa Rica, or by phone or Skype for the rest of the world. You can combine this with personalized hypnosis sessions to rocket your success to the top in whatever area you of life you want to improve in.

We will soon be offering a new form of coaching program for those who are either too busy or can’t afford the traditional personalized coaching mode. This new series is under development as I write these lines, and if you have any special requests in this area just let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

Simply put, this exciting new mode of coaching will give you one or several e-books or online courses to read, covering the subject area you want to improve in, along with the right to ask personalized questions of me once per day Monday through Thursday through Private Messages through a special member account in our online forum.

This mode of operation will work best, as I said above, for those who are either too busy to attend to a live weekly coaching session, or can’t afford the more costly mode of coaching via telephone or skype. You will also receive at least one pre-recorded hypnosis session, and sometimes more, to help cement your achievement of your goals. This news has not been announced yet, although I am posting a copy of this message to my blogs and the forum today.

To find out what coaching and hypnosis can do for your life, check out our revised site at:

We are also doing considerable work on our SuccessQuest blog and SuccessQuest forum, the goals of which are to help rocket your success to wherever it is you want to go.

Check out these exciting resources at the links below:

SuccessQuest Blog:

SuccessQuest Resources and Forum:

At the very least, drop by all 3 sites and have a look around, as there is a ton of FREE material at each of these sites giving you valuable information on a wide variety of topics.

I look forward to seeing you on the forum and our other sites.


To your success!

John Allen

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How They Fake Terrorism — Manufactured Fear I – Final Draft

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Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem.

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

At this point in time, most of us can say “no” to vaccines, genetically modified (GM) food, fluoride, and Big Pharma drugs. But we can’t “just say no” to radiation in the air all around us coming from Japan, and through oceanic contamination resulting from the BP Gulf incident. So, the difficult question is not how do we avoid this contamination, but rather, how we mitigate our exposure.

Let’s face it. We are surrounded by radioactive contaminants in the air, water, soil, and in our food, which is grown outdoors. We cannot control the air, which contaminates the soil, water, and plants. So, if we cannot get away from the problem, then what do we do? We can start by making sure that we have the knowledge to do the right things and collect the right resources to lessen our exposure. The following is a collection of some of the materials and applications that can be used to mitigate radiation exposure.

Personal detoxifying – people and animals

Unless we live in a bubble, our bodies will be contaminated with radioactive particles, so don’t just wait until someone tells you that you have been exposed, do something about it now. There are certain materials that will help detoxify the body without ill effects whether or not you have been exposed to these harmful materials. Some of these are:

* Zeolite Clay
* French Green Clay
* Bentonite Clay
* Baking Soda
* Boron
* Certain foods

The article contains lots of more details and can be found here:

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Harnessing The Power Of The Law of Attraction

Harnessing The Power Of The Law of Attraction – Change YOUR CA$H Flow

All people are surrounded by a thought atmosphere. . . Through this force we’re either drawing in or forcing back. Like draws in like and…we draw in exactly what we are in mind.

The law of attraction is the principle by which you draw into your life that which is in “vibrational” alignment with your awareness; your thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes, whether you’re mindful of them or not.

This is why the starting point on the road to successfully and deliberately manifesting your desires is to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are producing your experience and to take responsibility for your reality.

Accepting responsibility for your life without judgment is both empowering and liberating. When you understand that you’re source not subject of your existence, you are able to modify it.

Desire breaths life into your dreams and fuels your imagination and anticipation. As you connect with your desire, your imagination, as well as all the favorable thoughts and beliefs about your goal, are lit. To connect with the desire you’ve got for your goal, merely ask yourself “Why do I wish for this?” As you answer the whys, your passions and emotions flurry and your imagination streams.

When envisioning your desire, engage your imagination by using all of your senses. Imagine not only the visualizations, but also the sounds, textures, smells and tastes of your dreams coming true. Even more significantly, think of the feelings of the outcome you look for as these contain the strongest magnetic force for drawing in your desires. How you feel about what you imagine will decide whether you’ll successfully draw it in or not.

To successfully draw in your hopes it’s crucial that your feelings are congruent with them. If, for instance, you desire a happy loving relationship but bear negative feelings about the opposite sex, love, or yourself for that matter, you will produce counter results.

Feed your ambitions not your concerns. Feed your successes not your failures. Your ideas, beliefs and the focus with which you utilize them are directional. They’re heading somewhere. If they feel good, so will be your destination.

Your world is a manifestation and extension of the entirety of your mind, a holograph of your awareness. It’s also a platform and gateway with which the universe can convey with you via signs, signals and whispers in your daily life that serve as arrows and prods to guide and aid you on your way.

Recognize and be thankful for the love and goodness in your world and in your gratitude you’ll open to receive it at an entirely new level in addition to inviting more of the same into your life. As you open to obtain the gifts and bounty that are already in your life, you will become more open to take in new gifts, love and successes in your life.

We are presently offering an EXTENSIVE 30 Volume Law of Attraction course, which covers the ins and outs of this important topic and helps you to take full advantage of the Law of Attraction! Click here for full details.


The Importance of Health

Your health is one of the most important things in life. If you don’t have health, you don’t really have anything.

You could have all the money in the world, a big house, a fancy car, a yacht, etc., but, if you don’t have your health you won’t be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Fortunately, in recent years great strides have been made in the field of alternative therapies. The medical profession, so called, is all about making money and NOT about your true health interests. However, in recent decades, alternative therapies have become more and more popular.

Whether it’s herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, hypnosis, homeopathy, aroma therapy, energy healing, etc., people are becoming aware that there are many choices out there beyond the traditional medical poisons, the knife of the surgeon, vaccinations, and other of the medical profession’s “healing techniques” that often do more harm than good.

I have been on a journey of self discovery as well, and have explored all kinds of new techniques and methods. Some, believe it or not, include sound as a healing modality! You can go here to find out more on this revolutionary discovery.

Dr. Len Horowitz’s work on this and other areas is revolutionary. He also sells a variety of products, ranging from Liquid Dentist, which not only replaces your toothbrush and heals your mouth and teeth naturally, to Green Harvest, an excellent mineral supplement, and more.

There is also a great business opportunity with excellent commission payouts.

Visit the website today for full details on this exciting opportunity.

We will be posting articles in the blog shortly on more health topics very shortly.

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