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What If “They” Can Already Clean Up Radiation With Frequency?

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With thanks to Connie Fogal
“With the tragedy in Japan raising fears of radioactive
contamination, there’s been a massive run on potassium iodide. The
experts are telling everyone that this combination will protect them
from nuclear fallout. They’re wrong!
“Potassium iodide is a good product. The potassium is supposed to
protect you from the radioactive cesium. And the iodide protects against
radioactive iodine. However, there are a couple problems with it.
“First, there’s not nearly enough potassium in this combination to
protect you against the radioactive cesium. In the body, cesium acts
like potassium. So having enough potassium in your body is supposed to
prevent your body from absorbing the cesium. But most people are so
deficient in potassium, that the small amount in potassium iodide won’t
protect you. You need to take a separate potassium supplement to protect
“Second, you have to protect a lot more than your thyroid from
radiation. Yes, the iodide in potassium iodide will protect your
thyroid. However, it won’t be as efficient at protecting your breasts
and other organs. Here’s why:
“Iodide is a form of iodine. Iodine is essential for your thyroid and
several other tissues and organs. Your thyroid needs it most. So, your
body has a heavy concentration there. If you’re deficient, as most
Americans are, your thyroid will pick up any iodine your body ingests.
This includes radioactive iodine, which can poison your thyroid.
“On the other hand, if your thyroid is sufficient (full) of iodine,
it will ignore any other iodine passing by — including radioactive
iodine. Iodide and iodine serve slightly different roles in your body.
They each protect different organs in different ways. So in the event of
nuclear fallout, it’s vital you protect your body with both nutrients.
Potassium iodide doesn’t provide iodine.
“There are two products that provide ample amounts of both iodide and
iodine. I’ve written a lot about Iodoral in past issues (available on
my website). I think most people should take one capsule daily, just for
general nutritional purposes. I do. After a few weeks, your thyroid
should be sufficient in iodine and iodide, making your organs more
resistant to radioactive iodine.
“A good alternative is Lugol’s solution, which is the liquid form of
Iodoral. Two drops of this iodine/iodide product is equivalent to one
Iodoral. If you know there’s a significant risk of radioactive iodine
exposure, you can double or triple the dose in the short run. Regardless
of whether radiation from Japan’s nuclear facilities comes this way or
not, these are great products to take on a regular basis. Both are
readily available on the Internet.
“Finally, potassium iodide can’t protect you against the radioactive
heavy metals. Normally, chelation is the ideal way to deal with heavy
metals. But there’s a problem. Uranium atoms may be too large for
conventional chelators to grab. So I recommend a totally natural
supplement from decaying organic matter instead. It’s my favorite for
super heavy metals. This includes uranium, which is the heaviest
naturally occurring metal. The product is Metal Magnet, which contains
humic/fulvic acids. These are complex large organic molecules containing
lots of carboxylic acid chemical groups. These attract metals like a
giant catcher’s mitt. All metals will fit in. And it is especially good
at capturing toxic metals (see Second Opinion from June and July 2006).
You can find Metal Magnet on the Internet.
“Strontium 90, a radioactive mineral, is a more difficult issue. It
is chemically similar to calcium and can wind up in your bones. Since
EDTA can chelate calcium, it would make sense that it would also grab
strontium. And studies suggest it does. For strontium 90, consider both
oral and rectal EDTA, which may offer limited protection. If you are
exposed to radiation, I’d go directly to intravenous EDTA under the care
of a trained chelation doctor.
“I also recommend taking Chlorella regularly (take 15 tablets daily).
It is an excellent metal detoxifier and all around superfood.
“When Chernobyl melted down, researchers found that brown seaweed
greatly reduced radiation poisoning. There are two products that offer
brown seaweed, also known as alginate. The first is Modifilan (available
on the Internet). The other is Pectasol Chelation Complex. Both
products are rich in alginates.
“Another fantastic product I’ve used for years is Advanced Detox
Formula. I use this formulation to help cancer patients undergoing
radiation therapy. The formula greatly reduces the amount of radiation
your body absorbs. It also protects you with its sulfur-bearing
detoxification nutrients, which also help regenerate glutathione. Be
sure to take it along with supplemental vitamin C (2-8 grams daily) and
vitamin E (1,200 IU daily) when exposed to radiation. My favorite
vitamin E is Unique E, Carlson’s E, and Delta-Fraction Tocotrienols
(take one softgel, twice a day). You can order King Chlorella, Pectasol
Chelation Complex, Advanced Detox Formula, and Delta-Fraction
Tocotrienols from Advanced Bionutritionals.
“Finally, there are certain foods that can protect you. Start by
eating as many Living Foods as possible. Remember, plant chemicals
protect plants from solar radiation. They can help protect you as well.
“For general radiation exposure, whether nuclear, or even medical
gamma ray exposure, you might be surprised to know that miso can protect
you. I read years ago of a hospital right under ground zero in Japan,
which survived the bombing. (Directly under the explosion, it was spared
the destruction of the blast, which went out more than down.) The
doctor walked out of the hospital, saw the total destruction, walked
back in and told everyone to eat miso. Those who did were spared
radiation sickness. Many studies have confirmed the protective effects
of fermented soy!
“With nuclear radiation, potassium iodide can help. But, as you can see, it’s not nearly enough.
“Yours for better health and medical freedom,
“Robert J. Rowen, MD
“Ref: Hiroshima J Med Sci., 2001 Dec; 50(4): 83-6; Archives of
Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, volume 18, number 4,
612-616, DOI: 10.1007/BF01055029. ”
SOURCE: http://www.secondop inionnewsletter. com/

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